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Mind Map / Brainstorm

I wrote this poem to include my word of the day (logy) and also wanted to include a song line that has been stuck in my mind of late “like peanut butter on the brain” … anyone know what song that is from? This is how I’ve been feeling of late:

Each morning, haze perpetrates to dusk,
In my mind, the dawn is a shade of night,
As my thoughts, struggle in the molasses,
For it is clarity, which seek from this mirk!

Logy consumes, any traces of a path
To arrange words, hidden inside, stuck
Like peanut butter, on the brain.
Wake to false dawns. Breathe. Breathe.

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A Lapse in Poems .. Mental Overload

Of late the writing of poems and lyrics has taken a back seat. Instead my focus has shifted to trying to write a novel (well we’ll see if it gets that far). The poem Torpor was the opening chapter’s blurb (and perhaps could even be used for the novel itself). I have almost completed my first chapter and will publish it on here soon for you all to read. I have written more than the first chapter.

However, I tend to find that my mind wanders all over the place and I find it hard to think chronologically. That is, I will be writing about a particular scene in the novel and then this will inspire to go off and write another scene somewhere else in the novel. Or similarly writing a scene further on changes my mind about how I want the preceding scene (or scenes). Therefore I am always rewriting and adjusting my story … quite frustrating really.

I have tried the whole mind map and other planning techniques for a novel however I just find that my mind easily wanders and new ideas always come up. For example last night my wife was talking about her book she was reading, in it a tree roots fed on a vampire buried under it. I really enjoyed the idea of a tree rooted in the crimson soils of a battlefield. I now am trying to find a way to include something into my book. I am thinking of “ghost trees” (that is trees with ghostly white boles, see photo) appear on old battlefields. The people believe that these ghost trees grow here because of the blood shed and present in the soils. This gives Death (or their equivalent) an opportunity to sow the seeds for the ghost trees.

It seems that always these new ideas are coming to me, and the more I research subject matters the more I want to include aspects into my novel. Case in hand was that last night I was researching Viking beliefs in regards to Gods and Goddesses, as in my fantasy novel one of the kingdoms is based on the Viking culture. After reading some short books (primarily designed for juniors to read) ideas just flooded my mind. I ended up writing a whole history of my fictional culture’s Gods, their creation, and whole back stories (their progeny) and more for numerous gods and goddesses. None of which is relevant to the start of my novel, as the novel starts with a different character with a completely different culture … does it stop my mind from going off a tangent though. NO!

Now I am just rambling. I will keep you posted on my mental situation (hopefully through the mist, the sun will greet my rays of inspiration). I am hopeful of getting out some more poems (at least for the novel chapters) done soon too. I wrote one yesterday for my wife, but will let her enjoy it for a while before I share with all.

So bear with me for the journey hopefully it will be worth it … and remember dare to begin!

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Daring to begin

I turned the last leaf over and I was willingly greeted by the crisp virgin white page staring up at me. However in contrast lying beside, blankly gazing out was the back cover of my latest notebook. Staggered mountains of loose paper vulnerably wait for my scribbles to be removed from their precarious perch. The whole task looms large over me; ironically the writing was what originally freed me from the claws of an overburdened mind. Through it all my voice has remained silent, my opinions self censored and the world deaf to my ideas. Facing the prospect of clouded frustrations and silence I have decided to share myself with you.

I will share poetry, lyrics and other creative writing pieces with you. I welcome any comments on my writing, but please keep criticism constructive.

Please remember all my work is Copyrighted by Peter Jones, 2012. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without my express and written permission are strictly prohibited. If you wish to use excerpts or links ensure you provide full and clear credits to Peter Jones and, with appropriate and specific directions to the original content.

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