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The Whore’s Breath

A front approaches; there She blows
Cries of the wild lashed by a tempest
Unrelenting, unforgiving: unsettled

Cloaked by darkness; She resides below
Sanctuary and warmth tonight
With the whore of all the Earth

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Posted by on Monday 23rd September, 2013 in Poetry


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Shelter from Above

Patiently the lumbering giants slept,
Our oblivion, blossomed each season
Yet  with stormy skies their eyes crept.
Tears from above cleansed away reason

When winds from world’s end blew,
These giants shed the bark of old.
Limbs mobilised and pushed through,
As others uprooted their foot hold.

Marching on our creations with ease.
In awe we stood, sapped by the blasts.
In their fury we see the forest from the trees,
But what we learned never lasts

So as leaves whispered in their crowns,
We braced for their coming rage.
Branching out across all the towns,
Shelter sort within our stone cage.

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Posted by on Wednesday 22nd August, 2012 in Poetry


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