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Asleep I wander my throne
A kiss, a nod, a distant daze
Each day insipid, I am a drone,
Wake me from this dreary glaze.

Owls beckon a vacant moon
And sun slithers kiss the dark,
My feet march to a hollow tune
In cold corridors, I am a lark.

Absent as I slumber eternally
But today I will rise early for you,
A sunrise cracks the apathy
And exposed eyes dance true.

Murk will wane in your light
As ears beg to listen, forever,
And my heart begins to fight.
I will be yours, I do endeavour

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A Lullaby

My daughter (almost 4) sometimes “fights” going to bed, and when her older sister isn’t at home (they share a bunk) she tends to “sneak” into our bed during the middle of the night. So I thought it might be nice if I came up with a lullaby for her, and my other children. To help them get to sleep, and hopefully see them see the night through.

I will try it out tonight and see how it goes … and will try it on my older daughter (8 years old) tomorrow night when she arrives too. I’ll keep you posted on the reviews of my most critical commentators!

Quiet, quiet, listen do you hear the melody?
Hush, hush, dreams wash in like the sea
Dancing through the air, tired from the day
Close your eyes, it’s where they play

Quiet, quiet, sleep washes over you
Hush, hush, as dreams come into view
Carry you away to a land divine
Where all your dreams will shine

Quiet, quiet, time to sleep so sound
Hush, hush, for our love is profound
Sweet dreams to keep you safe in bed
Goodnight, till tomorrow. What lies ahead …

Hush, hush, hush my loves hush, hush, hush


Posted by on Thursday 26th July, 2012 in Lyrics


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