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This poem was written as the prologue for the second chapter of a fantasy story I am writing. It follows on from the first poem (Torpor), which is also chapter one in the story (reading the poem Torpor will give you a more complete picture of the poem). Enjoy.

In the wake of the wolves brash raid
The cub has to travel towards his truth.
His path mires the deeper he wades
Leading towards the end of youth.

Dawn raises more vacillant questions;
Swallowing dust, his words silent and dry,
Yet inside the mind bays frustrations.
Run or return home: what is the lie …

Blind in the darkness, he watches not his feet
Arriving at a cross road, which will he greet …

Read the story here

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Torpor (Revision 1)

Original Torpor poem that I have revised, and tomorrow I will publish the first lines from the story with the same title (I will post the first chapter in several posts so as not to overload you with text in one hit).

Wolves unleashed by the darkened skies;
Like rapids they flow through the camp.
Stifled fires hide their hungry eyes
And the sheep fall, lost under the sleepy lamp.

Other lambs hide from the ravenous storm
And a lonely lion cub, raised by the flock,
Is uncertain that sacrifices are warm.
He wanted to fight, and not hide under a rock.

Surrounded by sheep, will the cub bleat or,
In time discover the truth and find his roar.

Story that proceeds this poem posted …


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Man Overboard

By Peter Jones © 2012

I have been lost at sea for years
Grasped in despair to a shred of dignity
The storm was on the precipice of conquest
‘Til a light came out from nowhere.

I was not searching for her
She shone bright and threw me hope
I started to believe in myself again
Not easy pulling oneself back.

The tumultuous waters roared in defiance
Her light still shines for me
Seeing the light, I can start to believe
I am rediscovering me, myself and I.

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