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History’s Accord

Fighting for the pen to write their story,
For we are told the story of the victor
The enemy is always the villain;
The morally wrong; whom we despise.

Portraits of gods and goddess’
The truth hidden with each stroke.
Hairs of a brush mask any imperfections
Yet knives etch other’s evil side.

As we march for truth, blindly accepting
Tales of old: it is written so it is so,
Yet today we distrust all but our eyes
And authors of history are anonymous.

Stories told by men absent from events
Fuel billions; and utmost faith. A profit
Or prophet: only question if written
From the other side; in Hades’ guise.

Crimson tainted ink stains virgin pages
Steady hands hold quills; washed clean,
Telling the history we accept as truth
And the others’ stories hunger for their time.

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Easter Tolerance with a Twist of Irony

A short story I wrote for 20 Lines a Day around Easter time, so about a month ago. Involves a little thought by the reader … Easter Tolerance with a Twist of Irony.

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Black Petals

This started out as a poem about discrimination/racism … however now it has evolved into something different, and probably is leaning more towards a “song” than a poem …

Cursed by a hand, withheld in Darkness
The Light extinguished for me
My curse courses thickly in my blood
You look at me with blind eyes
Darkness engulfs any vision of me

I want to emerge from obscurity
Fear holds me captive
Hands hold me back, safely darkened
My petals wilt to black
In eternal Darkness I can not grow

My Shepherd has abandoned my path
Rely on my own to navigate blindly
Every fall, I stand a little taller
Each Jerk, I feel a little less
Slowly shades of grey strike before I

Dreams in infrared, glowing
Brimming with Light I will shine
Darkness burns as It passes
Petals blossom, I bloom for all
The sunshine baths me in luminous auras

Cursed by a hand, withheld in Darkness
In eternal Darkness I could not grow
Every fall, I stood a little taller
Petals blossom, I bloom for all
… withheld in Darkness, I stand now before you

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