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History’s Accord

Fighting for the pen to write their story,
For we are told the story of the victor
The enemy is always the villain;
The morally wrong; whom we despise.

Portraits of gods and goddess’
The truth hidden with each stroke.
Hairs of a brush mask any imperfections
Yet knives etch other’s evil side.

As we march for truth, blindly accepting
Tales of old: it is written so it is so,
Yet today we distrust all but our eyes
And authors of history are anonymous.

Stories told by men absent from events
Fuel billions; and utmost faith. A profit
Or prophet: only question if written
From the other side; in Hades’ guise.

Crimson tainted ink stains virgin pages
Steady hands hold quills; washed clean,
Telling the history we accept as truth
And the others’ stories hunger for their time.

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In the Shade, Sadness Sits

This poem came to me reading “Down the Road, Depression Greets” by LadieLexi on WordPress. I thought it would be interesting to look at the poem from a different point of view, in this case a friend of the depressed girl, called Sadness. I tried to reflect the original poem, but from the new point of view.

Shaded, shades, shading
Like a lane between towers.
It stretches, it festers:
Never accepting light,
Never accepting my hand.
Shading, shades, shaded.

Her pain etched in skin,
Torn apart; internal battles lost,
Sadness sits in self pity,
Her eyes blind, voice mute,
Her ears are deaf
Her pain etched in skin.

Her friends mean nothing,
She hides behind her scars;
Her excuses, her pain
From her own hands
Losing, shading attention.
Her friends mean nothing.

Twelve hours later,
She will bemoan again
Her tragedy, her life
But with bated breath
Sadness will shine, I know,
Twelve hours later.

But today, she cares not
She sits alone, forlorn
Her eyes remain shut
Seeing darkness, not I
Standing by her side,
But today Sadness, I care.


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Under the Gods

This was from a challenge in an anthology I am writing.  The challenge was to write a poem with the similar comparison of “seen from above” and “when you get down” as used by Louis MacNeice in his poem “Under the Mountain“.  This was my poem, enjoy.

Seen from above
The city lights flicker
With the waning moon

Seen from above
Our lifes spent hidden
To keep them guessing

Seen from above
A still frame surrounds
Those draped in black

But when you get down
The city nervously shifts
Endless with each sun rise

When you get down
Life is always on line
Forever putting on a show

And when you get down
The coffin bears a reflection
Down … where … we be long


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