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Mind Map / Brainstorm

I wrote this poem to include my word of the day (logy) and also wanted to include a song line that has been stuck in my mind of late “like peanut butter on the brain” … anyone know what song that is from? This is how I’ve been feeling of late:

Each morning, haze perpetrates to dusk,
In my mind, the dawn is a shade of night,
As my thoughts, struggle in the molasses,
For it is clarity, which seek from this mirk!

Logy consumes, any traces of a path
To arrange words, hidden inside, stuck
Like peanut butter, on the brain.
Wake to false dawns. Breathe. Breathe.

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This will be the poem that preludes the third chapter of my story (I haven’t finished writing the chapter, but I have the concept of the chapter so from that I was able to write this poem, which acts as a summary):

Scared to continue, but he can not return to a lie
Cold wet and hungry; the cub conflicted and alone
In the woods nightmares cast by the moon lit sky,
Branches claw and hollows gnarl teeth of bone.

Feeling like a marionette cut loose
Virgin eyes see that roots do not grasp,
And daemon eyes can not seduce
His freedom that callow fears rasp.

But an omen shadows his troubles with a cry,
To hear such; foretells that he will soon die.

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Justine’s Jaunt (Part II)

Whether you like them or not, here is the next part in Justine’s Jaunt (Part 2). I decided to remove the reference to time sheets for posts on here (I will also change that in the previous two postings too).

II. Riposte

A journey befell her virtue,
Crimson clouds growled at the Beast
Risen to prey on the seraphs,
She chose to contend the deceased.

Heroine of placid waters,
Disappeared like wisps of shade,
Courage buoys her grand battle cry:
“Perish fiend!” and opens her blade.

Part I – Veneer               Part III – Challenge


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Justine’s Jaunt (Part I)

The next (preceding) part of the Justine epic.  Thought I best try to write a start for the poem series (will it be an epic?).  Hopefully you enjoy this one, and Part II will be on it’s way shortly.

I. Veneer

Her reflection dances on water,
Leaping between the fallen leaves.
She lies contently on the bank;
The heroine asleep, deceives.

Her true form a veil for your eyes
So look not at her, but behind:
A seraph burning frozen hearts,
She sings “farewell” to lull the wind.

Part II – Riposte

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Bittersweet Desire

Photography from Something Was Hungry by scott2608

I saw her just before dusk,
She was ripe with seduction,
But it was late, she would last;
Tomorrow I would taste her.

That night my dreams teased me,
With her sweet nectar on my tongue
Her embrace warm and inside her
Our flesh pressed with urgent desires.

She was so wet as I caressed,
Dancing across her skin
Tickling her within, and
Pushing her to virgin limits.

With pleasure I would free her.
The tease built, and lust
Journeyed my every limb,
And dreams fed my desires.

As the sun glanced above the trees,
Casting shadows off to the breeze,
I buzzed, rushing to her fruit;
Her broad curves of seduction.

I approached nervously, as if
I had never tasted taboo fruits,
But suddenly I was a fallen:
Her perfect shape, corrupted

She was not untouched,
Torn open, her nectar lost
No seeds to sow, no flesh
For me to press against.

I comforted her, with gentle hands
But her hurt was baleful
In a sour moment, she was gone,
My bittersweet desire, who?

I saw the fly still in the orange, looking around for something and this idea just came to be. Thanks to Scott for his photo that inspired me to write this piece (hopefully you have enjoyed it).


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Asleep I wander my throne
A kiss, a nod, a distant daze
Each day insipid, I am a drone,
Wake me from this dreary glaze.

Owls beckon a vacant moon
And sun slithers kiss the dark,
My feet march to a hollow tune
In cold corridors, I am a lark.

Absent as I slumber eternally
But today I will rise early for you,
A sunrise cracks the apathy
And exposed eyes dance true.

Murk will wane in your light
As ears beg to listen, forever,
And my heart begins to fight.
I will be yours, I do endeavour

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Serene Tempest

This photographer asked that people write him a poem on his photograph. This was my quick attempt. 

Blood tainted skies protest
The stain of our emissions.
Sunsets on the fossil tempest,
Winds driving vibrant missions.

Crimson waters in the back ground,
An undercurrent of the old.
Sunrises dawn on the drowned,
The wind turbine whispers take hold.

Rose lens behold a beach, tides;
Mechanical toys on the horizon.
Moonlight cloaks and divides
The true crying of Her siren.


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