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Brownie Nights

Wrote this little goodnight story for my children. They enjoy it, hopefully you do too.

The sun descends ‘neath the land,
Fear not for brownies are at hand
To keep the peace at night
Whilst in bed you sleep tight.

Hidden to sleepy lids, now closed
Dancing and singing, funny faces posed.
Now close those eyes and sleep,
The brownies wander tonight, safe you’ll keep.

They’ll take but a small token
An odd sock, evidence of their pokin’
So I kiss you goodnight now
A missing sock when you wake and you’ll know.

The brownies wandered whilst you slept,
Safely in your bed that they kept.


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Paěter’s Guardians

This is a poem I have written as part of my fantasy story based in Ersnon. This is a bedtime poem that the Mountain’s children are told. Paěter (Father) is their God and De’orcan (the Dark One) is their devil/demon. This poem is told to ease the children’s mind for sleep, and believe that the elves will protect them all through the night.

As the veil closes on another day,
Ensure to Paěter that you pray
For His elves will be sent to assure;
In sleep you lay safe and secure.

Sunning your blankets on the darkest nights,
Giving warmth where De’orcan’s frost bites,
Shedding light in shadows, so no beasts can hide.
So, respect and cherish all His pride.

Be rewarded, with elves to enchant dreams
Reaching out to quintessential streams.
Guardians for His messengers most dear:
So close those eyes, have no fear.

No harm shall befall you tonight.
Elves beckon sleep, so you wake of sprite.
Your sentinels for the blackened sky
And guides for ‘morrows sun rise.

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A Lullaby

My daughter (almost 4) sometimes “fights” going to bed, and when her older sister isn’t at home (they share a bunk) she tends to “sneak” into our bed during the middle of the night. So I thought it might be nice if I came up with a lullaby for her, and my other children. To help them get to sleep, and hopefully see them see the night through.

I will try it out tonight and see how it goes … and will try it on my older daughter (8 years old) tomorrow night when she arrives too. I’ll keep you posted on the reviews of my most critical commentators!

Quiet, quiet, listen do you hear the melody?
Hush, hush, dreams wash in like the sea
Dancing through the air, tired from the day
Close your eyes, it’s where they play

Quiet, quiet, sleep washes over you
Hush, hush, as dreams come into view
Carry you away to a land divine
Where all your dreams will shine

Quiet, quiet, time to sleep so sound
Hush, hush, for our love is profound
Sweet dreams to keep you safe in bed
Goodnight, till tomorrow. What lies ahead …

Hush, hush, hush my loves hush, hush, hush


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