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I need a little help with this poem. I am unsure where to go next with this, or perhaps what should come before this stanza. Any ideas or suggestions most appreciated, and don’t forget to vote after reading the poem.

I circle the block, for the hundredth time
I am idle at traffic lights in the wake of red
The distractions exhaust my pain
In the rear mirror of her shadow
I stand, unexpectedly at a crossroad.



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Pack Alpha

Fangs elongated as he drinks
In the air with flared nostrils,
The scent of prey arouses:
His blood … his hunger … his lust

He saunters in her direction,
All around her dulls, she beckons
The air moves to let him stalk:
Her blood … her hunger … her lust

A wolf hunting under the moon
Stars don’t cast her reflection,
Too pure to understand the danger:
His blood … his hunger … his lust

Her attar teases his claws held.
With juvenile naivety he strikes,
Too late he sees truth in a look:
Her blood … her hunger … her lust

She mocks his blind attack,
The wolf recoils within his skin.
Too strong for him, she isn’t prey:
His blood … her hunger … their lust

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The Proposal

Purakanui Bay

Last Thursday was our wedding anniversary, so I have decided to share with you the story of my proposal to my then girlfriend.

My girlfriend of 18 months and I had embarked on a campervan tour of the New Zealand south island, and were two weeks into our trip.  After flying into Christchurch and picking up our campervan we’d made our way slowly down the east coast to Dunedin.  We had discovered the folly of the provided blanket with our hire, it was completely useless for the south island winter.  To compound the cold the heater only worked when the van was plugged into power, and considering we were spending every second night on the road it wasn’t that helpful.  We did however find more ‘natural’ ways to keep warm though.

After spending a few nights in Dunedin it came the time to set off on the next leg of our journey towards Invercargil through the Catlins Forest.  Although the air was brisk the sun was shining and another beautiful day was ahead of us.  Little did my girlfriend realise that today I planned to propose to her when we found camp for the night.  So after a beautiful day of bush walks and visiting waterfalls the night encroached upon us.  I planned on travelling to Purakanui Falls for us to camp and for a scenic place for me to propose to her.  However, as we headed towards the falls along a dusty dirt track she saw a sign for Purakanui Bay and wanted to camp there for the night.  I however adamantly said “No”, as I had set my mind on the falls and was nervous about deviating from my proposal.  After another 10 minutes we arrived at the carpark for the falls, only to discover there was no where to camp and with a storm brooding the walk to the falls was far from appealing or romantic.  I had to admit that I was wrong and the we should have headed to the bay, however it turned into an argument (as she pestered me why I wanted to go to the falls so badly, and I had to deflect).  I have since learnt to accept that she is always “right”.

We found the track down towards the bay. Our anger soon bated and a humourous mood set in as the road followed a narrow valley and a herd of cows thought the road looked the best path towards the Bay.  There were too many and no where for the cows to go, so we had to herd them onwards at about 5km per hour.  However, this got old after 30 minutes, and I still wanted to beat the sun down for my proposal.

The valley widened out near the coast and the cows let us pass.  The bay was magnificent and the sun was still setting … it was a perfect spot, and we were all alone.  After parking up we decided to go for a walk and find a nice spot to watch the darkness grow across the bay.  I was a nervous wreck by this stage, my hands were sweaty and I could hardly walk. I had managed to smuggle the ring across to New Zealand from Australia, and had hid it in a skiing glove whilst we travelled around the country.  Now the time had come to see if she says “yes” or “no”.

We found a nice spot to sit and snuggle together for warmth.  Finally my moment arrived, I prepared myself. I was ready. My girlfriend however speaks up,  “We should get a photo”. It was the last thing on my mind, but thought ironically little did she know the importance of the photo.  We took our happy snap, and whilst she put the camera down I reached down and grabbed my poem that I had written for her.

“You are my bonita mariposa,
My smileshine,
My bootiful!

You have been my beacon of hope,
I was lost at sea when you found me,
You have shone through this haze
Now every minute without you dims in comparison.

You warm my heart with your touch,
Make me smile inside with your presence,
You bring a sense of love to everything you do.
I can’t deny that life without you would be inferior,
You are truly the lady I want by my side;
For now and forever!

We do have our differences,
We don’t always agree,
This keeps us interesting,
It makes us challenging and so very rewarding,
Our differences pale in comparison to the might of our love.

Can you deny you do not love me?
Can you deny you do not want to grow old with me?

If not, then with these 3 simple words

Please marry me”

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Asleep I wander my throne
A kiss, a nod, a distant daze
Each day insipid, I am a drone,
Wake me from this dreary glaze.

Owls beckon a vacant moon
And sun slithers kiss the dark,
My feet march to a hollow tune
In cold corridors, I am a lark.

Absent as I slumber eternally
But today I will rise early for you,
A sunrise cracks the apathy
And exposed eyes dance true.

Murk will wane in your light
As ears beg to listen, forever,
And my heart begins to fight.
I will be yours, I do endeavour

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Buried Affection

I just love the deadI previously found this awesome digital artist (Nailstream).  I found them through the cover album work they did for some metal bands I liked.  I downloaded the art thumbnails, and unfortunately I can not find them online anymore (have even tried image searches with little luck).  Nonetheless I thought I would randomly select an image of theirs and write a poem for it.  This is probably one of my least favourite pieces that Nailstream created, however the poetry flowed.  Enjoy!

A seat among wisps of spirits
I embrace the cerulean skies,
Safe in arms with no limits
When all around me dies.

Gaunt hand upon my knee,
I turn to kiss a face
Drawn and sunken, is he.
Cold lips bound with grace

On a lawn of marbled stone
A bench of rapture does sit,
Here I never lie alone,
Shadowed by lost wit.

I crow, I lament and dream
I just love the dead
I calm, I hearten and beam
I just love the dead



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As One?

Actual photo of my wife and I on our wedding day.

We falter at footsteps in the sand
Behind us none remain, washed away.
Tides come and go, forgetting the past
So we stand, forlorn; staring at the horizon
Distant sails capture a breeze we don’t feel

We can’t follow those left behind by others
Grains of sand mould to the path chosen
No lines drawn; we must decide their direction.
Will imprints leave a trail of union,
Or will each step be further apart.

We have to move forward, nothing behind us,
So as we stare at one another: eyes and hearts.
A thought of times ahead; too few steps together
Or a dance of prints entangled in each others arms.
Cast aside the waves of doubt, take a step.

Our next step:
Is together
Is new ground
Is as one.


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The Postman

I originally penned the elements to this poem in July 2008.  I recently (today) rediscovered this lost poem.  Being one of my earlier poems I decided that it required some work before I posted it on here.  So after a rewrite but keeping the same themes and tone of the original I present this poem.  It was written for my wife (fiance at the time) and we were having the usual relationship struggles. Enjoy!


Your mail I lost in transit, before we’d met
As dreams you had stalled, without a word.
I didn’t return to sender; my mistake.

Love notes exchanged trying to right wrongs
So hard I try but the damage done;
Each day the feeble letter’s edges fray.

I should have delivered you flowers,
Not baggage and a broken man,
And then I shipped your dreams off shore.

An apology note is my only delivery today,
A personal plea. A reply do I deserve?
I regret, so little I can deliver to you.


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