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Breaking Water

I wrote this poem as an entry to “The Poet Sanctuary” online weekly challenge. The challenge was to write a poem about “letter” to yourself about forgiving yourself for a past mistake. The words justed “flowed”, and I wrote this in a day. Usually I like to write a poem then sit on it for a week or so, but  not so with this poem (mainly because the challenge is for only a week). Maybe one day I will “unravel” the meanings behind the words.

Thoughts surged, pounding at you like relentless floods
An arm emerged in the midst of swollen waters,
You were caught. Tumultuous waters, drowning embraced
Muddied waters burned in your heart.

With vision blurred, uncertainty framed what lie ahead.
Scared, legs like lead, how long til you were lost?
The cold embrace of water forced you to try set her free
From a life that was constantly struggling to stay afloat.

You failed to set her free from these troubled waters.
Washed, battered and exhausted you emerged,
Solid ground ‘neath your feet, you were born again
The waters receded, you stand tall, you live

Now unimaginable is life without her
Torn you feel having thought to spare her this life.
For all the afflicted waters, the despair of drowning
The warmth of her love has been your sanctuary.

Please forgive yourself. I forgive me
It was the best mistake I ever made

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Man Overboard

By Peter Jones © 2012

I have been lost at sea for years
Grasped in despair to a shred of dignity
The storm was on the precipice of conquest
‘Til a light came out from nowhere.

I was not searching for her
She shone bright and threw me hope
I started to believe in myself again
Not easy pulling oneself back.

The tumultuous waters roared in defiance
Her light still shines for me
Seeing the light, I can start to believe
I am rediscovering me, myself and I.

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