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Her Tragedy ~ Reblogged (April Challenge – Day 1)

Thought a good idea for April’s poetry challenge would be to revise/review my old poems with one each day. I am writing a new poem (with edits each day) on 20 Lines a Day so this is my alternative on my personal blog. So here is my first offering, my first poem I blogged on here (original here) revisited with edits. Please feel free to provide constructive criticism, and please leave comments about what you like.

i. Seduction
Alone unburdened I stand on golden sands
That shift endlessly, teasingly between toes.

Gazing across Her bruised ocean’s wake,
She roars at Her victims in the distance.

The sun falls under Her drowning cries,
Quelling the shard remains of wronged glares.

And the moon grows to full bloom,
Bathing the waters in spectral awe.

In my solitude Her power seduces,
And spells resonate from Her core.

Pulling under my relinquished desires
From my heart, I warm Her tonight .

ii. Sacrifice
In mourning, there are fresh promises
Delivered daily in recurring waves.

The retreating tides concede a breath,
That I withdraw in selfish haste

For lustful is Her trembling voice
That defy, but I am deaf to Her silent alarms

My life rescinds under Her ubiquitous gaze.
Beholding what lies in plain sight,

Graceful is Her demeanour under stress,
And fallen is Her granite fortress

But Her love is sacrificed for brightly jewels
Malevolent deeds sown, I harm Her today.

iii. Symmetry
Trees weep,which are rooted in affliction
And dancing leaves betray their wrath.

The land quivers under feet planted deep,
With vented thoughts. Her advice is disdain

Alone burdened, muddied and fallen
I disappear to caverns buried.

In desperation, bowed at Her temple
Burning sacrifices extinguished

Rising mercury muffles merciful requests
And mist hides my desperate cries.

I love Her with my darkened heart
Her will is to be told: “Symmetry!”

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Shelter from Above

Patiently the lumbering giants slept,
Our oblivion, blossomed each season
Yet  with stormy skies their eyes crept.
Tears from above cleansed away reason

When winds from world’s end blew,
These giants shed the bark of old.
Limbs mobilised and pushed through,
As others uprooted their foot hold.

Marching on our creations with ease.
In awe we stood, sapped by the blasts.
In their fury we see the forest from the trees,
But what we learned never lasts

So as leaves whispered in their crowns,
We braced for their coming rage.
Branching out across all the towns,
Shelter sort within our stone cage.

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Remuneration: Lost in Space

This song was inspired by our obsession with wanting to find out about life on Mars and other such space exploration, yet all the while we neglect our own planet. Sort of seemed a bit silly to me, and just thought it would make better sense to try “fix” our own planet’s problems before wondering about other planets. So made sense to include it on the biota Pty Ltd album (originally I called it Budget but thought this title fitted best later on). Enjoy!

The planet suffers from our disgraces
Because we prefer to flee to space than heal our precious world
Leave behind our planet in a state worse for
The answers to biota’s woes lay not in the stars
Distant gazers miss the obvious at their feet

Like rats deserting a sinking ship
Rash to dispense and give the flip
Been good for so long but we abused
All these deeds can be excused
It’s time to say no more
Earth’s environment needs to be our first amour

Space exploration is wasting away our planet
Already so many can’t stand it
Mars grasps our afflictions today
Got to flee this world prior to the decay
The Earth is choking (x2)
Saviour in space we are evoking

Looking afar to solve the problems at our door
Are humans really such a selfish whore
Where is the responsibility?
Is there no ability?


Spoken word: “$976.3 billion dollars – almost a trillion – spent every year in the US on pets, toys, gambling, alcohol and tobacco. It is 63 times the amount spent on space exploration – with the difference that NASA has not destroyed lives as the alcohol, tobacco and gambling did.”

Does this justify government funding over $15 billion a year on space exploration?
Is this justification?
Or is it trying to shift the attention and not answer the question?
Is this justification?
Or is it trying to shift the attention and not answer the question?

~ CHORUS ~ (x2)

Pity YOU give up so easy! (x5)

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Place of Employment: Wonders of the World

This is based on Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” song … the final lines of each verse is from his song, and the final verse too. The remaining lyrics are all original. From the album, biota Pty Ltd, this is sort of the benefits of working for this “company” and the great working environment that is provided for us all to “work” in. Enjoy!

I wake in the morning, the sun is a dawning
Birds have awoken, and so lovely spoken
I marvel at the Earth, and immerse myself for all it’s worth
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I sit in the treed grounds, embraced by all the beautiful sounds
Eyes flooded as flowers blossom, waves of colour so awesome
The forest breathes new life, nature’s call as loud as a blast from a fife
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I stare at the colours of nature, and all the life it does capture
From high in the bright blue sky, to great ocean depths where scientists wonder why
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Bridges span the ocean; I’m amazed by what humans can
I stare in disbelief at the pyramids, I can’t trust my eyelids
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I love the people of our globe, no matter how deep I probe
They all have the potential, just depends on their life credential
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

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Responsibilities: Open your Heart

Not sure if this version sits well with me, it seems to fall down in certain sections. Nonetheless it is the next track on my listing for biota Pty Ltd. So have a read and see what you think.

Conscience of a dark heart by my side
I yearn for a determined resolve
In a world hurt, tears falling from the sky
Help at hand that I can profusely afford
These hands of mine can tend any wound
But my two hands are not enough

A need to cease our selfish concerns
Imprisoned behind greed’s bars
Concerns taught, shallow values realised
I’ve fought about life and love
Reached a decision, without you whispering
Encompassed by oceanic forests
Submerged in my senses that lead me true

The Earth is alive (alive)
It lives (lives and breaths)
Not dying (not dying)
Ailments blemish the surface
Pock marked scars (scars)
Suffering (suffering)
Your actions (actions)
Should come from your heart
From your heart

Blistered hands from the coldness of so many hearts
The Earth’s warmth soothes my opened heart
Share my rapture, embrace the ember’s glow
Everyday, disbelief at humanities misdirection
Concerned with a clean house over that of Earth
Humanity fights against personal sacrifices
Unless it aids you, apathy rules supreme
Dark hearts prevail to openly now
In a capitalistic world is their a place for Earth
Is there a place for a heart?

The hearts of so many tainted black
Shadows line their pockets
Comforting their own self worth
And endows their personal gains
Indifferent to Earth’s scars and burns
Apathy reigns if conflicts their own
Dismiss others from their hearts
Label them alarmists trying to deny your greed
Rationalise they do it for personal gain
As you are incapable of understanding else

Too many hearts in darkened shadows
Too many hearts distrusting humanity

The Earth is alive (alive)
It lives (lives and breaths)
Not dying (not dying)
Ailments blemish the surface
Pock marked scars (scars)
Suffering (suffering)
Your actions (actions)
Should come from your heart
From your heart

Darkened hearts shade disillusions
See the light, and open your mind (open your heart x2)

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Job Title: Pleb

I did a rework of this song very recently. I found I wanted to change up some of the wording, I think my recent poetry has helped me to expand my vocabulary and improve my written communication skills (especially in regards to emotive words and phrases). Re-reading it after a while made me think about my poem, Her Tragedy. I managed to incorporate elements of the poem (only a few) into my rework. I think the meaning of this song is quite obvious, and the title self explanatory. Enjoy!

We drive in our cars oblivious to the harm
Mother Earth bears all, this we know true
Our actions wane; in favour of inactions
For Her air
For Her water
For Her land

Why so many willingly turn a blind eye
We know it’s precious, yet we idle at every turn
Polluting everyday is surely not the way
Need to be proactive in an apathetic world
For we can’t live without cars, but can’t live with them
Our lungs burn, so we turn the other way
We turn the other way
What else to do?
What else …

Wait in hope?
Hope for whom?
Hope for what?
Not you? (x3)

Spoken interlude: “Each day our working environment’s problems are exacerbated. The directors care about nothing but their bottom dollar. Your working conditions don’t even taint their deep pockets. Will you stay on your knees as your rights disappear?”

biota has employed us to care for one and all life’s health
But we’re too concerned about our own wealth
Finality is succumbing to Her end, symmetry Her will

Humans are mere plebs on Mother Earth (x3)

There are many great minds
Too often the all mighty dollar binds
So many solutions to Earths’ deteriorations
If only more listened to hearts silenced
In mourning, our shine would glisten

Humans are mere plebs on Mother Earth (x3)
Step out from behind the shadows, and see your resting place.

Spoken: “You are hereby employed as a pleb. The position is full time permanent for life. You commence work for biota Pty Ltd …”


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Strategy (Waiting)

This song I started to first pen around the turn of the century with my studies just starting to get serious, and I started to really understand climate change, the science and politics of the matter. Similar to Vision ten years later and the actually message of the song hasn’t changed (that is so little action has been taken on the matter that the words are still valid … sad!) This is biota Pty Ltd’s business strategy, if inaction and waiting is a strategy. I guess I am being critical of the world’s nations that adopted this strategy (well lack of) over the last 20 odd years to deal with climate change and many other environmental issues. The words of a lecturer at uni still ring very true for me. He said that the Australian government will never enact change to renewable energy cars until the people demanded it through people power … this is so true for so many environmental issues (apathy is terrible disease for the environment).

Waiting for a change
Waiting for the truth
Waiting for the government to lead
Waiting for the people to revolt
Waiting for the rev-o-lu-tion!

Are you ready?

We’re waiting for a change, a change to enhance the knowledge range
Our environment dies, as people live happily with lies

Waiting for fewer cars, the introduction of solar cars
Waiting for reduced pollution, weening us to other fuels that will never last
Require us to drill our precious Earth, choking our lungs from birth

~ Chorus ~
Waiting for a change, for people to care, how strange
Waiting for the truth, people to care beyond their youth
Waiting for the government to lead, not to make ignore our planet’s need
Waiting for the people to revolt
Waiting for the rev-o-lu-tion

We’re waiting for the people to care, countries to pay their pollution fare
People to realise the climate change motto and stop playing the climate change lotto
Understand the dependency of economy and society on the environmental variety
Reduced lives will be our final chapter our selfishness being our captor
Waiting for people to realise the need for CHANGE!

~ Chorus ~ (x3)

Forging ahead with my waiting; for people to realise to stop waiting

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