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Paěter’s Guardians

This is a poem I have written as part of my fantasy story based in Ersnon. This is a bedtime poem that the Mountain’s children are told. Paěter (Father) is their God and De’orcan (the Dark One) is their devil/demon. This poem is told to ease the children’s mind for sleep, and believe that the elves will protect them all through the night.

As the veil closes on another day,
Ensure to Paěter that you pray
For His elves will be sent to assure;
In sleep you lay safe and secure.

Sunning your blankets on the darkest nights,
Giving warmth where De’orcan’s frost bites,
Shedding light in shadows, so no beasts can hide.
So, respect and cherish all His pride.

Be rewarded, with elves to enchant dreams
Reaching out to quintessential streams.
Guardians for His messengers most dear:
So close those eyes, have no fear.

No harm shall befall you tonight.
Elves beckon sleep, so you wake of sprite.
Your sentinels for the blackened sky
And guides for ‘morrows sun rise.

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