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Mind Map / Brainstorm

I wrote this poem to include my word of the day (logy) and also wanted to include a song line that has been stuck in my mind of late “like peanut butter on the brain” … anyone know what song that is from? This is how I’ve been feeling of late:

Each morning, haze perpetrates to dusk,
In my mind, the dawn is a shade of night,
As my thoughts, struggle in the molasses,
For it is clarity, which seek from this mirk!

Logy consumes, any traces of a path
To arrange words, hidden inside, stuck
Like peanut butter, on the brain.
Wake to false dawns. Breathe. Breathe.

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The Shape of Sadness

The room is her temple’s abyss,
Darkness swallows the light’s edge
As she kneels to her melancholy,
Alone; except for afflicted thoughts.

A dagger before her eyes
Piercing the fog’s ashen veil,
No hand to hold it steady,
Yet crimson tears stain the blade

Dull … pain … aches … for her
To open eyes blind to see;
The path ahead is hers
To forge … to wield … her will

Each beat of the heart,
Every breath held not taken,
All hope abandoned; Sadness
Cuts a timid and lonely shape


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Shadow Walkabout

A short story I wrote on 20 Lines a Day.

Shadow Walkabout.

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Sadness’ Curse

She is strange!
People stare, whisper, laugh
Vile words from burnt tongues
Take lease on fragile ears.
She hides in corners,
Cursed by withheld hands
To reach out for her;
Sitting alone, life walks on.

We are alive, we live,
Idle is her life.
What is her problem,
A curse on our perfection.
Inaction bounds our hands
For she is silent,
No one reaches for her;
Sitting alone, life walks on.

I can’t continue this day,
Dark is my undying curse.
My legs fail me, so I sit
My hands empty, so I slit
I fight with Sadness
Never a word spoken to me,
I reach out for you;
Sitting alone, life walks on

She is strange!
People stare, whisper, laugh
Vile words from burnt tongues
Take lease on fragile ears.
Sadness blurs her own curse
I speak: “Are you okay?
I reach out for her;
Standing, we walk together.


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Shore Conversations with Sadness

'two ladies at the seashore'

‘two ladies at the seashore’ by Spool 2 Spool

Saw this photo and I just had to ask “What are they talking about?”, on an cold day. So I thought I would write my conversation. I thought also would be cool to bring Sadness (the ‘girl’ from my last post) back into the fold.

Sadness sits beside me,
Cold we silently watched
The seas sleep, krakens hide
And the lives we’ve botched

Silhouettes, mirages at first;
Two ladies by the sea shore
Brave in the cold they sat,
A photo, their moment to store

Words caught by the wind,
Sadness hears only the wave’s motion
Ebbing at her senses; my patience
But I sit in silent conversation.

Sharpened through the lens I see
Their blur, no light can be shed.
Darkness casts only their shadow
On a rocky beach, others fled.

All I need is her by my side,
As few can see my Sadness.
Alone I sit breaking water silently,
Resolute against my illness.


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In the Shade, Sadness Sits

This poem came to me reading “Down the Road, Depression Greets” by LadieLexi on WordPress. I thought it would be interesting to look at the poem from a different point of view, in this case a friend of the depressed girl, called Sadness. I tried to reflect the original poem, but from the new point of view.

Shaded, shades, shading
Like a lane between towers.
It stretches, it festers:
Never accepting light,
Never accepting my hand.
Shading, shades, shaded.

Her pain etched in skin,
Torn apart; internal battles lost,
Sadness sits in self pity,
Her eyes blind, voice mute,
Her ears are deaf
Her pain etched in skin.

Her friends mean nothing,
She hides behind her scars;
Her excuses, her pain
From her own hands
Losing, shading attention.
Her friends mean nothing.

Twelve hours later,
She will bemoan again
Her tragedy, her life
But with bated breath
Sadness will shine, I know,
Twelve hours later.

But today, she cares not
She sits alone, forlorn
Her eyes remain shut
Seeing darkness, not I
Standing by her side,
But today Sadness, I care.


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Mirror Mirror

A man stands in front of a mirror:

He sees a man frustrated,
We see a man afraid of help

He sees a man tired and active,
We see a man lazy and afraid

He sees a father who wasn’t there
We see him blind to his own kin

He sees a family tree, strong
We see it ablaze, match by his side

He sees everyone has left,
We see their ashes in his wake

He sees ‘friends’ all around,
We see a lonely man

He sees strength and bravado,
We see weakness and cowardice

He sees lies and perversions,
We see the truth and reality

He sees no responsibilities, no consequences
We see his failures, those he has hurt

He sees blame in everyone’s eyes
We see a scared boy hiding as a man

He sees an uncle,
We see no one

He sees a brother,
We see no one

He sees a son,
We see no one

He sees a father,
We see no one


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