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Lifting the Curse for Shore Lines

A terrible curse has come down over my hands of late. The curse first set foot in my mind, and spread down through every creative vein in my body until it suffocated any efforts by my hands to write. As with all good fantasies and curse related stories, there is a possible silver lining. However, an adventure waits, and new challenges will rise before me trying to block my path. I will be strong, in my mind and body. I will overcome the cursed “writer’s block”.

Motivation for me comes in the guise of a contest, Bunbury’s Shore Lines Writing for Performance Festival. The piece is to be for performance poetry (maximum of 10 minutes) and there is up to $1,000 on offer for the winning piece (which can be a monologue, play, stand up comedy, poem, prose, speech or song lyrics).

So I call upon you, my audience, to inform me what I should write about and any tips you have for writing performance poetry??

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