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Saccragast (Second Draft)

My first revision to Saccragast, let me know your thoughts on the revision below.


Tonight insomnia holds my hand, for he hunts.
In a daze I relive when I was his prey;
A theatrical drama, I wish was staged.
The play opens on the night I was snared and bagged

Act I Scene I

In darkness: musky air drowned in blood and wee;
The sack’s hairs scratched like witch talons;
With every step, as waves pound against cliffs relentlessly,
the sack crashed into his back, hard as granite;

Pain etched in broken bones, the taste of blood
but I was not alone in the sack, I was blind
still I could feel dead limbs ebbing against my life.
Whose blood wet my cracked lips? Why did I drink?

To be continued …

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Saccragast (First Draft)

I wanted to write a bit of a scary poem about the bogeyman / sackman. I think the imagery needs some work on this poem, however the theme and essence of the poem is there. Thought I would share with you how I write. I generally write a first draft, such as, that contains the essence of the tale I want to tell in the poem. Then I will re-read it and create imagery, explore words, improve the flow and meter, add similes & metaphors, and generally just evolve it. I will share the evolution of this poem with you … so you get a little inside to how I write. Enjoy!

I lie awake tonight, for he is hunting
Once I was the hunted,
The night I was snared, fresh
Musky smells of dried blood & urine
Itchy hairs of this sack prickle my skin
No light, rocking against his back

Wide eyed I stare, crimson
Scares mark my friend
He doesn’t breathe, so
I hold my breath too

Bugs crawl under my clothes
Gnawing at my nerves,
Tasting the blood of the other
Boys mouth, and ear

A scream nearby stirs my thoughts,
Their voice is swiftly stilled
Footsteps approach, the bag opens
The night sky blankets the moon
A lifeless body collapses on me

We are lifted with ease, now moving fast
Dead eyes stare, I don’t want
To die, I will be good, too late
We have stopped, and turned
Upside down we fall

Cascading down like a rockslide
My body lands heavily on the dead
Atop of me my friend falls
He doesn’t move, he is silent

His eyes are closed, I can’t
An old man walking in shadows
At his feet I meekly grovel
“Ye shall keep” he mutters

Now each night he hunts
I lie awake, waiting to hear
The sullen thud of his meal
Each thud means I live another day

Each meal I eat I see
I see dead eyes staring
Bugs drinking bloodied ear
I taste the gristle of pointed fingers

Ma warned me of serving him
I chose to ignore her, now
Pale skinned I slave for him
For he is the Saccragast

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Chantou’s Whisper

Originally started writing this as a ballad, but is has evolved over time. I still think there is more to do before this poem is finalised, but thought I would share where I currently at with it. Enjoy!

Born to dearth, a life with no guarantee
Innocence lost to others selfish desires
Brought to a life unjust and harsh,
Bought in life by demons in disguise

Love to be foreign forever, living to service lust
Night after night, working tirelessly
Only pubescent sapling, yet
Earning her keep to have a life

The economic beat devours her,
She supplies her demand
A young body no more a flower
Wilted petals, she lays asunder

Her cries ignored, tears dry
Money is her prison, but
She is not greedy
Fear controls her every deed

When there is no where to run
No darkness black enough to hide
Demons flash golden smiles
Her escape lost as we sit silent

The dawn falls behind closed doors
Sleep is final, as it creeps
A final word, no more than a whisper
“Who cared about me?”

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Planet Hell (Poetry Challenge)

So this challenge was to write a poem about “my” hell. It couldn’t be about the stereotypical, devilish underworld but what would be hell to me here on Earth. Have a read … not sure if the tone suits (or perhaps that is part of the poem’s purpose?)

meerkat posts are vacant
lions meow with glee

sheep choose their own path
wolves shepherd the flock

bats feast in sunlight
lizards tan by moonshine

flies pester no one
seagulls bore of scraps

cats obey every command
dogs abandon masters

children lie still
parents can not stand

embraces empty today
pain no comfort

life lost in youth
death makes a mistake

a eulogy never written
tears never to be shed

earth an alien planet
parents burying their child


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The Deserted Fort (Poetry Challenge)

This was written off the top of my head, and I haven’t reviewed this piece yet. It was part of a challenge to write a poetry about a rural setting. My constraints were that it was “dusk”, “a deserted country road” and “suddenly goats”. This was to be a quick exercise, not to think but just write. I usually before to review and change my work a fair bit before posting, but thought I would show my first write on here this time. Perhaps if I come back to it, I will repost it with edits etc. Enjoy!

The tree’s shadows grow
as the darkness creeps,
yet I can no abandon
this fortress I have built.

Beside the dusty road,
long neglected by cars
too busy to venture
this far to nowhere.

My fort constructed
to fight a marching army
hidden in the fields of
barley, wheat and lost tractors.

Tree trunks dance
between shadows beside the road,
deserted except for the last rays
casting the spotlight on the scene.

Safe in my fortress
I observe the show.
twisted branches, knots entwined
leafy skeletons providing shelter.

From home I hear a rise,
lights fight the dusk
but fail to win, and
the dust chases behind.

Hidden in my fortress,
No adults can find,
None can touch
a sanctuary from loneliness.

In a flash the car will pass,
part of the surrounds
I will be hidden from view
suddenly our goats trot on the road.

The deserted road at dusk
lights ablaze and goats frozen
metal groans, swerving off
the road, scraping the trees.

My cubby of sticks and leaves,
I witness all before me:
Even my mum’s eyes wide
just before I said goodbye.

(As I wrote it I noticed some gaps and some poor word usage, so probably will edit it and post again soon).

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Brownie Nights

Wrote this little goodnight story for my children. They enjoy it, hopefully you do too.

The sun descends ‘neath the land,
Fear not for brownies are at hand
To keep the peace at night
Whilst in bed you sleep tight.

Hidden to sleepy lids, now closed
Dancing and singing, funny faces posed.
Now close those eyes and sleep,
The brownies wander tonight, safe you’ll keep.

They’ll take but a small token
An odd sock, evidence of their pokin’
So I kiss you goodnight now
A missing sock when you wake and you’ll know.

The brownies wandered whilst you slept,
Safely in your bed that they kept.


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Freya’s Flower

I wrote this poem for my wife. Since having our children she continually puts herself down because she put on some weight (and hasn’t lost it since). However, this doesn’t affect my feelings for her and I wanted to let her know this (because no matter how many times I reassure her she doesn’t believe me). The Freya reference is because she was the Norse goddess of love and procreation, and at the time my wife was reading a book that had Norse mythology within it too.

Each day I see you bemoan,
Willing sacrifices made; scars sown.
The remains weigh heavy on your esteem,
Far from your flawless dream.

I see beyond the surface drawn fine,
With each stretch our family grew, divine.
The matriarch’s beauty flowered strong
Beside your delicate features, do I belong

Love is not blind; in my vision is your spectre,
You are beautiful. As petals frame nectar
Your curves sketch a portrait I adore.
No body else I want but yours


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