Legends of Ersnon

I am in the process of writing a fantasy fiction story about a world called Ersnon. There will be a multitude of stories, which will be told in a form of legends and different series (well that is the plan). The problem I have had at the moment is making time to write the stories. The ideas have flooded my mind, and I have pages upon pages of notes and research to write the stories. I unfortunately have struggled to actually write the stories, mainly due to time and being exhausted after work (or a full on day with the kids). But no more excuses, I will endeavour to deliver something for you all to read very soon (I have pretty much written the first 3 chapters, so I should be able to get some of them out very soon). They won’t be finished articles, and I will be asking you all for your input. Little tid bits to help me, what you like and dislike, where you’d like to see it go etc. etc.



Don't be shy, write a lil' somethin' somethin' ... I won't bite (today)!

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