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Her Tragedy ~ Reblogged (April Challenge – Day 1)

Thought a good idea for April’s poetry challenge would be to revise/review my old poems with one each day. I am writing a new poem (with edits each day) on 20 Lines a Day so this is my alternative on my personal blog. So here is my first offering, my first poem I blogged on here (original here) revisited with edits. Please feel free to provide constructive criticism, and please leave comments about what you like.

i. Seduction
Alone unburdened I stand on golden sands
That shift endlessly, teasingly between toes.

Gazing across Her bruised ocean’s wake,
She roars at Her victims in the distance.

The sun falls under Her drowning cries,
Quelling the shard remains of wronged glares.

And the moon grows to full bloom,
Bathing the waters in spectral awe.

In my solitude Her power seduces,
And spells resonate from Her core.

Pulling under my relinquished desires
From my heart, I warm Her tonight .

ii. Sacrifice
In mourning, there are fresh promises
Delivered daily in recurring waves.

The retreating tides concede a breath,
That I withdraw in selfish haste

For lustful is Her trembling voice
That defy, but I am deaf to Her silent alarms

My life rescinds under Her ubiquitous gaze.
Beholding what lies in plain sight,

Graceful is Her demeanour under stress,
And fallen is Her granite fortress

But Her love is sacrificed for brightly jewels
Malevolent deeds sown, I harm Her today.

iii. Symmetry
Trees weep,which are rooted in affliction
And dancing leaves betray their wrath.

The land quivers under feet planted deep,
With vented thoughts. Her advice is disdain

Alone burdened, muddied and fallen
I disappear to caverns buried.

In desperation, bowed at Her temple
Burning sacrifices extinguished

Rising mercury muffles merciful requests
And mist hides my desperate cries.

I love Her with my darkened heart
Her will is to be told: “Symmetry!”

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April Challenge (Poetry)

Well as you may have gathered I have started writing on 20 Lines a Day, and although I am trying to keep my poetry largely on this blog and use 20 Lines to explore my short story creativity, I enjoy the challenges that they post on there.  The current challenge for April is to write a poem on the first April and then review, improve and expand upon the poem each day of April.  The idea is to not write 30 ordinary poems each day of April but write one excellent poem for April (a little different than the regular idea).

So read, critique and comment on my poem.  Not sure I will revise it each day, but will revise it regularly throughout April.  Please have a read and hopefully you enjoy it.

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Anamnesis (terza rima challenge)

A poetry challenge I did on 20 Lines a Day.

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Planet Hell (Poetry Challenge)

So this challenge was to write a poem about “my” hell. It couldn’t be about the stereotypical, devilish underworld but what would be hell to me here on Earth. Have a read … not sure if the tone suits (or perhaps that is part of the poem’s purpose?)

meerkat posts are vacant
lions meow with glee

sheep choose their own path
wolves shepherd the flock

bats feast in sunlight
lizards tan by moonshine

flies pester no one
seagulls bore of scraps

cats obey every command
dogs abandon masters

children lie still
parents can not stand

embraces empty today
pain no comfort

life lost in youth
death makes a mistake

a eulogy never written
tears never to be shed

earth an alien planet
parents burying their child


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The Deserted Fort (Poetry Challenge)

This was written off the top of my head, and I haven’t reviewed this piece yet. It was part of a challenge to write a poetry about a rural setting. My constraints were that it was “dusk”, “a deserted country road” and “suddenly goats”. This was to be a quick exercise, not to think but just write. I usually before to review and change my work a fair bit before posting, but thought I would show my first write on here this time. Perhaps if I come back to it, I will repost it with edits etc. Enjoy!

The tree’s shadows grow
as the darkness creeps,
yet I can no abandon
this fortress I have built.

Beside the dusty road,
long neglected by cars
too busy to venture
this far to nowhere.

My fort constructed
to fight a marching army
hidden in the fields of
barley, wheat and lost tractors.

Tree trunks dance
between shadows beside the road,
deserted except for the last rays
casting the spotlight on the scene.

Safe in my fortress
I observe the show.
twisted branches, knots entwined
leafy skeletons providing shelter.

From home I hear a rise,
lights fight the dusk
but fail to win, and
the dust chases behind.

Hidden in my fortress,
No adults can find,
None can touch
a sanctuary from loneliness.

In a flash the car will pass,
part of the surrounds
I will be hidden from view
suddenly our goats trot on the road.

The deserted road at dusk
lights ablaze and goats frozen
metal groans, swerving off
the road, scraping the trees.

My cubby of sticks and leaves,
I witness all before me:
Even my mum’s eyes wide
just before I said goodbye.

(As I wrote it I noticed some gaps and some poor word usage, so probably will edit it and post again soon).

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Under the Gods

This was from a challenge in an anthology I am writing.  The challenge was to write a poem with the similar comparison of “seen from above” and “when you get down” as used by Louis MacNeice in his poem “Under the Mountain“.  This was my poem, enjoy.

Seen from above
The city lights flicker
With the waning moon

Seen from above
Our lifes spent hidden
To keep them guessing

Seen from above
A still frame surrounds
Those draped in black

But when you get down
The city nervously shifts
Endless with each sun rise

When you get down
Life is always on line
Forever putting on a show

And when you get down
The coffin bears a reflection
Down … where … we be long


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The Great Wave off Kanagawa Haiku

Well as previously mentioned I am reading some “workshop” based anthologies about poetry.  An interesting challenge posed was to compile a haiku for the picture above (actually is a wood block print), titled “Under the Wave” or “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” (in Japan).  I have given it five attempts (haiku is not my favourite but I am willing to try), hopefully you enjoy them.  Let me know your favourite.


Falling snow from above:
A wave, claws out drawing nigh
Hold tight, the sea rages


Snow falls:
Waves stalk prey
The craft trembles


Sun rises:
Seas top mountains
Rugged day to fish


Winter’s haze:
Fuji pales
To talon sharps
And waves fare well


‘Neath the mist
Fare well in wood:
Hands held at bay


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