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It started over 10 years ago …

I have been writing lyrics for songs for many years, over 10 now. The first lyrics I wrote were in relation to the environment and since that time I have continued to write different lyrics on the subject matter. Although I find it easy to write lyrics, I can’t sing, or play a musical instrument. So these lyrics have never gone any futher than jotting them down on paper.

With all the lyrics I have written I decided to create a “concept album” for my environmental songs (lyrics). The lyrics have been put on hold for a few years now but I thought it best to share them with total strangers 🙂

So here goes. The album focuses on the environment and is structured around the concept that humans (all of us) are merely workers for the Earth. Anyway I’ll start posting the lyrics (with comments) and post them in order that they would occur on the album. The album is tenatively titled biota Pty Ltd.

Mission Statement

This is the introduction track to the album. It isn’t actually a song. It is a spoken word introduction. The idea is that it would be read aloud over a PA system (well that style anyway) … think of the PA sound at the nuclear plant on the Simpsons.

“The mission statement for biota Pty Ltd is to provide a suitable, adequate and evolving planet that all forms of life can coexist, evolve, adapt and survive in harmony and perpetuity. To treat all as equal and to keep the environment in a dynamic balance so that the Earth, will be in a habitable state for future generations.”

Next track, which will be a song, is to follow tomorrow …


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A Lullaby

My daughter (almost 4) sometimes “fights” going to bed, and when her older sister isn’t at home (they share a bunk) she tends to “sneak” into our bed during the middle of the night. So I thought it might be nice if I came up with a lullaby for her, and my other children. To help them get to sleep, and hopefully see them see the night through.

I will try it out tonight and see how it goes … and will try it on my older daughter (8 years old) tomorrow night when she arrives too. I’ll keep you posted on the reviews of my most critical commentators!

Quiet, quiet, listen do you hear the melody?
Hush, hush, dreams wash in like the sea
Dancing through the air, tired from the day
Close your eyes, it’s where they play

Quiet, quiet, sleep washes over you
Hush, hush, as dreams come into view
Carry you away to a land divine
Where all your dreams will shine

Quiet, quiet, time to sleep so sound
Hush, hush, for our love is profound
Sweet dreams to keep you safe in bed
Goodnight, till tomorrow. What lies ahead …

Hush, hush, hush my loves hush, hush, hush


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O’ Timesheet

One member at our work decided to organise a Christmas in July last week (on Friday). So in honour of that I decided to dedicate last weeks time sheet poem to a carol parody instead. This is a parody of “Jingle Bells” … so best reading (singing) it in tune with Jingle Bells. Enjoy!

Pushing through the week
On a fit ball in tow.
O’er the curses our physique;
Others laughing at the show.

Beer bottles will be a ring-in’
Oh! What fun it is to be drink-in’

Timesheets call, timesheets call
Their call to be heard today.
Oh! What fun they are;
In before opening the bar.

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Reign of Peace

Dark, dark were the days
Hopeless seemed each morrow
Hearts filled with dismays
Heads bowed with sorrow
Told the tales of wars desolation
Bidding all discords to cease
Bring peace to all the nations
And grant us a reign of peace

~ Chorus ~
The war drums throb no longer
The guns have ceased their roar
The cry for peace was stronger
Than all those willing on the war
Their deaths shall not be in vain
And peace shall reign!

Ended has the conflict that was appalling
Our hearts were chilled with it’s dread
No longer the brave are falling
Shattered, dying or dead
Ended has the watching but not weeping
Longing to see loved ones again
Over are the sad vigils keeping
Ever lasting are the lines of pain

~ Chorus ~

Dry those tears
War has passed
Dismiss those unknowing fears
Brighter days have come at last
Together all can move into morrows
Through the valleys where sunshine has lease
Sharing the joys and sorrows
Beneath the light of a reign of peace

~ Chorus ~

Peace once more shall reign
Let us cry as one
If their deaths were in vain
And war resumes, no one has won.


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No Man’s Land

Parts of the song inspired by the writings of Wilfred Owen.

You were told:
“When the war is over
There will peace
And the peace will last forever”

To war you went
Leaving behind a family that wept
For your country, honour and duty bound
In war only peace was to be found

~ Chorus ~
The foulest disease
With the breath of cancer greeted you
A hideous landscape
Unnatural, broken, devastated, vile noises
The distortion of the dead unburied
All day
All night
The most execrable sight
No land for man
No man’s land

In war you soon learnt death
Generals waged war at arm’s length
In the front lines you watched the dying
Peace forever, they dare not be lying

~ Chorus ~

Your war was then over
No more wars will you duck for cover
You found your peace
The peace that will last forever

~ Chorus ~

Your bones buried far from any loved one
On their lying words you were spun
But in the end their lies were clever
After all you found peace that will last forever

~ Chorus ~ x2

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Hell’s Angels

Song lyrics used for inspiration are from ‘Angels of Mercy’(D.C. Cornwallis), and ‘Heaven Sent a Lovely Angel’ (unknown). This is about the nurses who served their country and men during wars.

In the tumultuous years spent in Hell,
The brave heroines deeds of years gone by are known so well.
Arduous toil of sympathy and love our women never falter or at their country’s call decline
Dressed in white with grace, charm and beauty sublime

~ Chorus ~
When the Red Cross was heavy and hard to bear
These noble Angels tend to all with loving care
Even when she’s tired and weary and the nights seem long and drawn
She continues with love and never a murmur, bravely toiling until the dawn
She is truly an Angel in Hell (She is truly Hell’s Angel)

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world they used to say
If but that gentle hand could rule this wretched world today
While man is forced to fight his foes with every fiendish stunt
Our Angels bravely tend to those returning dying from the front.

~ Chorus ~

Angels of Mercy in far away distant countries, far across the desert bare
Heaven sent a lovely Angel to Hell, bound to love and care
Through her trials she’s always smiling, happy in her work of love
Tending all with true devotion, guided from above?

~ Chorus ~

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Our Soldier

Excerpts and inspiration taken from “A Pattern to the World” by Harry Dacre, “He was only a private – that’s all” by Elevyn Dell, “The Dying Soldiers Legacy: The Song of War” by John Abbott, and “The Queen’s Fifteen” by Alfred Wheeler Manuscripts of Original Scores

Rumours of desperate dangers
Spring on the startled ears of man.
War clouds darken the Earth.

Is Our Soldier ready?
Our Soldier was needed to answer their country’s call,
Pushed aside any fear and stood tall.

Our Soldier left with a heavy heart for those left behind,
Think of the fallen brave,
For country and human kind.
Prepare yourself for a soldier’s grave!

Ye go knowing that peril will soon befall,
But Our Soldier was ready ‘n all.

Our Soldier was only a private in battle
Just a part of the great rank and file
In defence of our flag and its honour
We are proud of our hero
Tho’ only a private, that’s all
A hero Our Soldier died

Woken from his day dream,
What was that, a noise far off at first it seem.
Halt! Who goes there? Rung out Our Soldiers warning cry
A shot resonated, ‘twas the enemy’s reply
Our Soldier charged the countless enemy wall,
Thousands press on, when their front ranks fall.
All the brave mates fell as Our Soldier rushed into the fray
Thro’ hail of fire and shrapnel daring to save the day.
And the battle is won, and the battle is lost.


‘Twas a grim and deadly battle that a few short hours revealed
Two mighty armies struggled hand to hand on the field
For hours they fought together with a bayonet and gun,
Tho’ the mates in khaki were out numbered under the sun.
Our Solider went over without a sigh,
To conquer or to die.


‘Midst the thickest fight, dealing death all around,
Our Soldier falls at last.
His throbbing brows with Victory crown’d,
Whilst his life blood’s ebbing fast,
You’ve proved you do not fear the soldier’s grave.


Our Solider went without a sigh,
To conquer or to die.
Thro’ hail of fire and shrapnel to their soldier’s grave!
And the battle is lost, and the battle is won.


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