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Lifting the Curse for Shore Lines

A terrible curse has come down over my hands of late. The curse first set foot in my mind, and spread down through every creative vein in my body until it suffocated any efforts by my hands to write. As with all good fantasies and curse related stories, there is a possible silver lining. However, an adventure waits, and new challenges will rise before me trying to block my path. I will be strong, in my mind and body. I will overcome the cursed “writer’s block”.

Motivation for me comes in the guise of a contest, Bunbury’s Shore Lines Writing for Performance Festival. The piece is to be for performance poetry (maximum of 10 minutes) and there is up to $1,000 on offer for the winning piece (which can be a monologue, play, stand up comedy, poem, prose, speech or song lyrics).

So I call upon you, my audience, to inform me what I should write about and any tips you have for writing performance poetry??

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Missing in Action

Sorry for the lack of any posts in the last few months … sometimes life just gets in the way. Hopefully now I am a little more organised and get some more posts out there for you to read. I have about 10 poems in a draft form that hopefully will be completed very soon (some sooner than others).

I am also still working on the next part to Chapter Two in my story. I have written a first draft up to about chapter six, but I wasn’t sure (and originally unhappy) about how to write chapter two and this is why I have been held up. After I manage to extract this part of chapter two I am hopefully to release at least a new part each week.

Again sorry for the lack of posts of late, I will start to aim to publish at least one poem and one part of my book each week from now on.

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April Challenge (Poetry)

Well as you may have gathered I have started writing on 20 Lines a Day, and although I am trying to keep my poetry largely on this blog and use 20 Lines to explore my short story creativity, I enjoy the challenges that they post on there.  The current challenge for April is to write a poem on the first April and then review, improve and expand upon the poem each day of April.  The idea is to not write 30 ordinary poems each day of April but write one excellent poem for April (a little different than the regular idea).

So read, critique and comment on my poem.  Not sure I will revise it each day, but will revise it regularly throughout April.  Please have a read and hopefully you enjoy it.

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What a Slacker!

My Baby Boy "Slacking"

My Baby Boy “Slacking”

I am talking about myself of course.  Poetry of late has not really come to me of late, unsure why, just hasn’t been floating my boat.  Probably due to many other things going on in my life currently.  I do plan however to rectify this situation and promptly, although it may be a little bit different.  I have been concentrating a little more on my creative writing of late, and I will soon post the first chapter on here for you all to have a read and critique (comment) upon.  By no stretch of the imagination will be in be a final version, but it will give you the broad outline, plot, introduction to some of the characters (although descriptions may be a future post) and a feel for the story that is yet to unravel (in my head and on ‘paper’).

Today was my youngest daughters first day of school ever!!  She looked very cute in here school uniform that she still has some growing to do to fit.  She loved it!!  Just thought I would share 😛

Well unfortunately if you thought I would be posting some thought provoking poem, or a poem of any description I am sorry to disappoint you.  Who knows perhaps inspiration will come to me tonight and tomorrow I will have a poem to share with you … no one really can decipher my brain, let alone me.

Thanks for reading and please come back when I write some more for you.

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Self Harm … R U OK?

Something a little different to my usual posts (in that it isn’t a poem).  Found this article in today’s local newspaper (which coincides with RUOK Day?, an Australian national day to deal with such issues).  What I found interesting is that I find this subject very prevalent in the poetry I read on here and other forums. Many posts are not really poetry (more rants or journal entries) but I am surprised with the volume of such poems I find on blogs and forums.

Have you similarly come across a lot of self-harm poems online (or write them yourselves)?

Personally I still find that suicide and mental depression (stress) are not talked about in society either (both which have very high rates in Australia currently … I believe that youth suicides outnumber road fatalities in Australia yet only one of these are either talked about in society).

From a personal perspective self-harm has never crossed my mind, mainly because I don’t understand the point of it but that isn’t too discount it for others.  I personally believe that stress management is very poorly dealt with at schools (and later in life too in the workforce … hence most parents are aware of how to act with themselves and how to “teach” their children).  I think it is important that perhaps more structured training of students in how to deal with stresses needs to be brought into schools, and from an early age.  You could probably start in in the last year of primary school (year prior to high school) so that students start becoming prepared for the stresses later in their education.  We had a students at my high school who would intentionally harm themselves during exams to get out of them, and at university had a student throw a desk across the room because of the stresses of an exam.

My “savior” when I was depressed was actually writing.  I started writing lyrics and then moved onto poems.  Of course the people in your life also contributed significantly to improving my mental condition and getting me through the period (hence why a lot of my poems reflect “drowning” and being “saved” by my wife/love).

Has poetry/writing helped you with your depression/lows?

Finally I won’t try to understand self-harm (or your particular pain as I am not qualified), all I can say is that if you do self-harm, are contemplating suicide or are just depressed (and can’t see a way out) I suggest you talk with a psychologists (or similar).  Ignore the stigmas attached with them, talk to them and let them know that to start with you want them to assist you in finding better coping mechanisms … see where it goes from there.  It is better to seek help at the early stages rather than leave it too late.

Show me some of your “depression” or “self-harm” poetry! (Check out my depression tag for my poetry posted)

Thanks and keep safe.


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War’s “Beauty”

Found this image when I was doing some research on my “war songs”. The recollection of my high school studies of World War I all came flooding back. One thing that really stuck with me was No Man’s Land during the war. I think that understanding what it was like is impossible for someone who has never been there, and I can’t start to fathom the horrors of the war and trying to cross No Man’s Land. Personally, I don’t want to either (well not experience it first hand anyway).

My song I wrote No Man’s Land was inspired by letters from Wilfred Owen (a British poet and soldier during WWI).The other poet I really enjoy reading from WWI is Siegfired Sasson (another British poet and solider). Sasson had a great way of writing about death and the terrible state of affairs during the War.

When I look at the picture above I can but imagine the sight of bodies scattered everywhere, stuck in barb wires and those still living just moving ever so slightly, but out of anyone’s reach or help. I could not imagine though looking across this land into the eyes of the enemy with their machine guns ready and the daunting task of being asked to not only to get across the land but to do so whilst being shot at and having to combat barbed wire too. Then if you survive all that you have to then attack those in the trenches, not knowing how many of your fellow men may make it to help you. No wonder the war was so stagnant for so many years …

I think John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields really simply, yet very powerfully conveys the futility that many may have thought of No Man’s Land (and perhaps trench warfare in general). I especially think the power of the poem comes from the lines:

“We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.”

We will remember them … lest we forget!

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It started over 10 years ago …

I have been writing lyrics for songs for many years, over 10 now. The first lyrics I wrote were in relation to the environment and since that time I have continued to write different lyrics on the subject matter. Although I find it easy to write lyrics, I can’t sing, or play a musical instrument. So these lyrics have never gone any futher than jotting them down on paper.

With all the lyrics I have written I decided to create a “concept album” for my environmental songs (lyrics). The lyrics have been put on hold for a few years now but I thought it best to share them with total strangers 🙂

So here goes. The album focuses on the environment and is structured around the concept that humans (all of us) are merely workers for the Earth. Anyway I’ll start posting the lyrics (with comments) and post them in order that they would occur on the album. The album is tenatively titled biota Pty Ltd.

Mission Statement

This is the introduction track to the album. It isn’t actually a song. It is a spoken word introduction. The idea is that it would be read aloud over a PA system (well that style anyway) … think of the PA sound at the nuclear plant on the Simpsons.

“The mission statement for biota Pty Ltd is to provide a suitable, adequate and evolving planet that all forms of life can coexist, evolve, adapt and survive in harmony and perpetuity. To treat all as equal and to keep the environment in a dynamic balance so that the Earth, will be in a habitable state for future generations.”

Next track, which will be a song, is to follow tomorrow …


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