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Saccragast (Second Draft)

My first revision to Saccragast, let me know your thoughts on the revision below.


Tonight insomnia holds my hand, for he hunts.
In a daze I relive when I was his prey;
A theatrical drama, I wish was staged.
The play opens on the night I was snared and bagged

Act I Scene I

In darkness: musky air drowned in blood and wee;
The sack’s hairs scratched like witch talons;
With every step, as waves pound against cliffs relentlessly,
the sack crashed into his back, hard as granite;

Pain etched in broken bones, the taste of blood
but I was not alone in the sack, I was blind
still I could feel dead limbs ebbing against my life.
Whose blood wet my cracked lips? Why did I drink?

To be continued …

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The Whore’s Breath

A front approaches; there She blows
Cries of the wild lashed by a tempest
Unrelenting, unforgiving: unsettled

Cloaked by darkness; She resides below
Sanctuary and warmth tonight
With the whore of all the Earth

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