23 Aug

A timesheet poem I wrote a while back (haven’t been writing them of late, think the last one was almost a year ago). Tried to make it sound a little Shakespeare like (add some culture to work … haha) and tried to keep it flowing fast. Not my best work, but just some fun. Enjoy!

Thou art elaborate as a bee hive,
Each busy deciphering their reason.
Burdened they can but only thrive;
Not concerned by the chilled season

The women buzz at fifty shades of grey
Whilst the directors fly in deep dales,
A union forged, overcoming any fray
And at the end they’ll down ales

But the Shag errs from course,
The honey weighs heavy on his mind.
Others stray not from the Queen’s force
Enduring the journey together entwined

The life of thou reflects a social bee
Satisfying the Queen, her will with glee

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Posted by on Friday 23rd August, 2013 in Poetry


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