Chapter Two: Verity (Part I) ~First Draft~

13 May

Continued from Chapter One (Part IV) and Poetry Prologue (Verity)

Despite the broken night’s sleep and the unfolding of the disturbing events Ash woke just before dawn, as was usual. His thoughts felt as if he was wading through mud, in vain trying to catch pigs. Curiosity however managed to emerge from the mirth and he couldn’t help but satisfy his desire to explore the remains of John’s house and to find out more about the raiders, from anyone willing to speak of them. However Aunt, aware of his curious mind, pursued him into his chores and intently monitored his movements throughout the morning to ensure he was kept busy with work to do. The torrents of work played some part in Ash not realising that his father had been absent all morning, not that Carel is keen for him to get onto his chores and eager to keep to him busy. Carel is the Lord’s messenger and Ash assumes that he has gone to the Lord regarding last nights raids. Not to tell the Lord about the events, but to ensure that Carel delivers a message to the higher lord of their region informing them of the situation.

Carel arrives back home around lunch time. As usual all the family have worked hard on the land since dawn. Hands blackened by the dark soil, clothes torn and stained by animal movements. Carel however stands before them. Clean clothes of a finer cloth than any of them possess. His hands only slightly stained with ink used to write messages. Ash is instantly aware that Carel is to embark on a trip to deliver a message. Ash is use to such journeys, and sadly doesn’t miss his father on such trips from home.

Surprisingly Carel informs them Ash will also travel with him on this journey, as he rarely travels with Carel and when he does it isn’t that pleasant for either of them, although Ash is enchanted with the new faces and places. Ash and his father have an odd relationship. Carel has struggled to cope with Ash sine the death of his wife. Ash is unsure of why Carel is like this and wonders often what life would be like now with his mother around. However chores and a busy lifestyle don’t let him wonder too often of this. However now his father was taking him back to his birth place and where his mother died. Carel talks so rarely of his wife, and even less of their life before Black Meadow.

Continues to Part II

Ersnon Glossary

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