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Shadow Walkabout

A short story I wrote on 20 Lines a Day.

Shadow Walkabout.

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The Proposal

Purakanui Bay

Last Thursday was our wedding anniversary, so I have decided to share with you the story of my proposal to my then girlfriend.

My girlfriend of 18 months and I had embarked on a campervan tour of the New Zealand south island, and were two weeks into our trip.  After flying into Christchurch and picking up our campervan we’d made our way slowly down the east coast to Dunedin.  We had discovered the folly of the provided blanket with our hire, it was completely useless for the south island winter.  To compound the cold the heater only worked when the van was plugged into power, and considering we were spending every second night on the road it wasn’t that helpful.  We did however find more ‘natural’ ways to keep warm though.

After spending a few nights in Dunedin it came the time to set off on the next leg of our journey towards Invercargil through the Catlins Forest.  Although the air was brisk the sun was shining and another beautiful day was ahead of us.  Little did my girlfriend realise that today I planned to propose to her when we found camp for the night.  So after a beautiful day of bush walks and visiting waterfalls the night encroached upon us.  I planned on travelling to Purakanui Falls for us to camp and for a scenic place for me to propose to her.  However, as we headed towards the falls along a dusty dirt track she saw a sign for Purakanui Bay and wanted to camp there for the night.  I however adamantly said “No”, as I had set my mind on the falls and was nervous about deviating from my proposal.  After another 10 minutes we arrived at the carpark for the falls, only to discover there was no where to camp and with a storm brooding the walk to the falls was far from appealing or romantic.  I had to admit that I was wrong and the we should have headed to the bay, however it turned into an argument (as she pestered me why I wanted to go to the falls so badly, and I had to deflect).  I have since learnt to accept that she is always “right”.

We found the track down towards the bay. Our anger soon bated and a humourous mood set in as the road followed a narrow valley and a herd of cows thought the road looked the best path towards the Bay.  There were too many and no where for the cows to go, so we had to herd them onwards at about 5km per hour.  However, this got old after 30 minutes, and I still wanted to beat the sun down for my proposal.

The valley widened out near the coast and the cows let us pass.  The bay was magnificent and the sun was still setting … it was a perfect spot, and we were all alone.  After parking up we decided to go for a walk and find a nice spot to watch the darkness grow across the bay.  I was a nervous wreck by this stage, my hands were sweaty and I could hardly walk. I had managed to smuggle the ring across to New Zealand from Australia, and had hid it in a skiing glove whilst we travelled around the country.  Now the time had come to see if she says “yes” or “no”.

We found a nice spot to sit and snuggle together for warmth.  Finally my moment arrived, I prepared myself. I was ready. My girlfriend however speaks up,  “We should get a photo”. It was the last thing on my mind, but thought ironically little did she know the importance of the photo.  We took our happy snap, and whilst she put the camera down I reached down and grabbed my poem that I had written for her.

“You are my bonita mariposa,
My smileshine,
My bootiful!

You have been my beacon of hope,
I was lost at sea when you found me,
You have shone through this haze
Now every minute without you dims in comparison.

You warm my heart with your touch,
Make me smile inside with your presence,
You bring a sense of love to everything you do.
I can’t deny that life without you would be inferior,
You are truly the lady I want by my side;
For now and forever!

We do have our differences,
We don’t always agree,
This keeps us interesting,
It makes us challenging and so very rewarding,
Our differences pale in comparison to the might of our love.

Can you deny you do not love me?
Can you deny you do not want to grow old with me?

If not, then with these 3 simple words

Please marry me”

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Anamnesis (terza rima challenge)

A poetry challenge I did on 20 Lines a Day.

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A ‘Super’ Welcome

I thought I would share some of my writing on 20 Lines a Day (the aim of the site is to inspire writers to write often). I want to use the site to predominantly write stories. Check out my posts on the site and enjoy.

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Justine’s Jaunt (Part III)

III. Challenge

Her stance strong and her blade baleful,
No fear in her eyes, the Beast fled
Willing others to die beneath stars;
Tonight she subverts the undead.

The dawn cracks an aberrant sky,
Our heroine had to succeed,
No undead stand, buried below.
She beckons you “Will you accede”

Part II – Riposte               Part IV – Toil


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Sadness’ Curse

She is strange!
People stare, whisper, laugh
Vile words from burnt tongues
Take lease on fragile ears.
She hides in corners,
Cursed by withheld hands
To reach out for her;
Sitting alone, life walks on.

We are alive, we live,
Idle is her life.
What is her problem,
A curse on our perfection.
Inaction bounds our hands
For she is silent,
No one reaches for her;
Sitting alone, life walks on.

I can’t continue this day,
Dark is my undying curse.
My legs fail me, so I sit
My hands empty, so I slit
I fight with Sadness
Never a word spoken to me,
I reach out for you;
Sitting alone, life walks on

She is strange!
People stare, whisper, laugh
Vile words from burnt tongues
Take lease on fragile ears.
Sadness blurs her own curse
I speak: “Are you okay?
I reach out for her;
Standing, we walk together.


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Njóttla Tales (Part 1) – First Draft

“Tonight all of Ersnon will have a restless sleep.  Wolves will be silent as they stalk, bears will awaken from their winter slumbers, and the feirguls (dead birds) will rule the skies for Njóla.  For tonight belongs to her and hers to command.  All that is natural will be corrupted tonight, so stay close to home and keep your fire strong.  On Njóttla (Night of the Dead) even the Vándr Náttúra (evil spirits) hide, for they fear the feivakr (the undead) that may roam Ersnon tonight.” Old Gimli boomed the start of the tale so all the children across the Great Hall could hear.  Although the children had heard the tale many times, it still was special to hear the tales of Njóla and Njóttla, which could only be told tonight.

Haakon (one of the main characters in the series) patiently sat at the head of the children.  He was the strongest of all the boys his age, and a greater warrior than all, even those 2 cycles his senior.  But the tales of Njóla were something that he still feared, and never tempted fate by roaming the blackness that She blanketed the stars and moon tonight.

Old Gimli continued Njóla’s tale “To understand Njóttla you must first know the tales of Njóla.  Her story starts in Mærrlopt (their fortress heaven) and as the daughter of Ǫrvar (their creator).  She was our Creator’s most beautiful daughter, and destined to be a goddess of greatness, but she chose a path of betrayal, evil and deceit.  Our Creator gave her everything that she desired, she never went without.  How did she thank Her father, Our Father, with going behind His back and trying to help the Vándr Náttúra to steal Mærrlopt.”

The children gasped at this revelation, for their whole life was centred around earning the right to enter Mærrlopt and defeating the Vándr Náttúra in an eternal war.  The thought of assisting them was great evil, and she wanted to assist them in stealing Mærrlopt, the home of their Gods and warrior ancestors. Old Gimli paused a little as the children digested the evil deeds that she had undertaken.

“Our Father however was not blind nor deaf, and heard of her deceit before she could help them steal His home.  As much as He loved His daughter, He could not let her actions go unpunished.  Her level of deceit was unheard of, and Our Father was angered that His most treasured daughter had transgressed.  He was going to be lenient on her, but she insisted she’d done no wrong and that the Vándr Náttúra were not that evil.  This threw Him into a rage, in which He savagely whipped her across the back.  He then took her sight, as she was never to be allowed to look upon the beauty of Mærrlopt again.  Finally He banished her from Mærrlopt.  She fell down to Ersnon, which at the time was only water.  The salt water scarred her still bleeding wounds on her back.  Yet she made no noise, for she did not want to give Ǫrvar any satisfaction and already the evil that she had allowed into her heart had quenched her pain.”

“She was condemned to spend her immortality in the depths of Ersnon’s waters, alone and blind.  That was until Ǫrvar saw the strength that Ersnon’s water had in imprisoning His daughter.  So He decided to cast the Vándr Náttúra into the waters too.  It was too late before He realised that he had reunited Njóla and them.  They both reach an amicable relationship in their watery graves, and it is said that the offspring of Njóla from the Vándr Náttúra would lead their fight against the Gods, when the dead moon rose.”

Ǫrvar saw this alliance form and in His fury cast down His spear to create land and the people of Ersnon.  It is said that Ǫrvar had however thrown the spear so hard that it had pierced the skin of Ersnon and opened a hole to Ofantún (the underworld).  The warmth that escaped from this hole aroused Njóla‘s interest.  She drew close to the hole, and was pulled down.  In Ofantún She felt warm for the first time in centuries, and she was dry.  She found her strength again and became the Goddess of Darkness and Death.”

To be continued …

Check out the Legends of Ersnon glossary for some descriptions of creatures, I have put quick names in brackets (the problem being that this isn’t the first chapter and the creatures would be explained earlier on in the book … however I haven’t written those chapters yet).  I welcome any constructive criticism, as this is only a first draft and I want to improve on it for the reader.  Remember the reader would be introduced to most of these names and creations prior to this chapter in the context of the full story.

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