What a Slacker!

07 Feb
My Baby Boy "Slacking"

My Baby Boy “Slacking”

I am talking about myself of course.  Poetry of late has not really come to me of late, unsure why, just hasn’t been floating my boat.  Probably due to many other things going on in my life currently.  I do plan however to rectify this situation and promptly, although it may be a little bit different.  I have been concentrating a little more on my creative writing of late, and I will soon post the first chapter on here for you all to have a read and critique (comment) upon.  By no stretch of the imagination will be in be a final version, but it will give you the broad outline, plot, introduction to some of the characters (although descriptions may be a future post) and a feel for the story that is yet to unravel (in my head and on ‘paper’).

Today was my youngest daughters first day of school ever!!  She looked very cute in here school uniform that she still has some growing to do to fit.  She loved it!!  Just thought I would share 😛

Well unfortunately if you thought I would be posting some thought provoking poem, or a poem of any description I am sorry to disappoint you.  Who knows perhaps inspiration will come to me tonight and tomorrow I will have a poem to share with you … no one really can decipher my brain, let alone me.

Thanks for reading and please come back when I write some more for you.

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