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Serene Tempest

This photographer asked that people write him a poem on his photograph. This was my quick attempt. 

Blood tainted skies protest
The stain of our emissions.
Sunsets on the fossil tempest,
Winds driving vibrant missions.

Crimson waters in the back ground,
An undercurrent of the old.
Sunrises dawn on the drowned,
The wind turbine whispers take hold.

Rose lens behold a beach, tides;
Mechanical toys on the horizon.
Moonlight cloaks and divides
The true crying of Her siren.


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Friday Sap

Well if you have been following my posts you’ll know I write poetry for Friday worksheets. I try to keep them light and fun (and generally easy rhymes). Here was an effort just before the end of work prior to Christmas. Enjoy!


Inspiration is lacking today
Must be because it is Friday

You know the drill
Poetry against my will

Time sheets to Justine
Beers are foreseen!

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Planet Hell (Poetry Challenge)

So this challenge was to write a poem about “my” hell. It couldn’t be about the stereotypical, devilish underworld but what would be hell to me here on Earth. Have a read … not sure if the tone suits (or perhaps that is part of the poem’s purpose?)

meerkat posts are vacant
lions meow with glee

sheep choose their own path
wolves shepherd the flock

bats feast in sunlight
lizards tan by moonshine

flies pester no one
seagulls bore of scraps

cats obey every command
dogs abandon masters

children lie still
parents can not stand

embraces empty today
pain no comfort

life lost in youth
death makes a mistake

a eulogy never written
tears never to be shed

earth an alien planet
parents burying their child


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