Buried Affection

08 Nov

I just love the deadI previously found this awesome digital artist (Nailstream).  I found them through the cover album work they did for some metal bands I liked.  I downloaded the art thumbnails, and unfortunately I can not find them online anymore (have even tried image searches with little luck).  Nonetheless I thought I would randomly select an image of theirs and write a poem for it.  This is probably one of my least favourite pieces that Nailstream created, however the poetry flowed.  Enjoy!

A seat among wisps of spirits
I embrace the cerulean skies,
Safe in arms with no limits
When all around me dies.

Gaunt hand upon my knee,
I turn to kiss a face
Drawn and sunken, is he.
Cold lips bound with grace

On a lawn of marbled stone
A bench of rapture does sit,
Here I never lie alone,
Shadowed by lost wit.

I crow, I lament and dream
I just love the dead
I calm, I hearten and beam
I just love the dead



Posted by on Thursday 8th November, 2012 in Poetry


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2 responses to “Buried Affection

  1. bubblytee

    Friday 9th November, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    I just love what you compose.


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