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Corona del Semana

I should have posted something before this but what has happened has. I have been busy reading a “how to write poetry” book of late, which includes a lot of exercises to undertake. I will hopefully be able to post some of my exercises on here soon, not sure how good the poetry will be that comes from them as the idea of the exercises are to challenge me and help me be more critical of my own work. So I have sort of stopped writing whilst I have been trying to better understand poetry. But don’t despair as I will post (within the week) some poetry that the book has challenged me to do (it will be open for constructive criticism, as is all my work).

To hold you over in the mean time here is my latest time sheet poem. A fellow employee complained it didn’t rhyme, demonstrating how hard it is to actually get people to appreciate free verse poetry (especially the masses). Enjoy.

We look forward to the week end,
Work behind us for another day
Yet the cloud’s grey the mood,

We soon forget with a taste;
Relishing the freedoms of leisure
And craving time alone or with family.

A time sheet to console sullen skies
And sunny days to warm your rest,
Let nothing eclipse your sun rise


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Forgotten Fence

This poem is a true event that occurred one morning when I was riding my mountain bike through the bush on the way to work.  I have provided some hyperlinks along the way to help with some of the Aussie fauna. Enjoy!

Tyres grate the tiresome damp sand
The morning chill lost as planned
With cockatoos patrolling the skies
And surveyed by kangaroo eyes

I approach the forgotten fence,
Wires dance to a false pretense
With a chorus of twenty-eights
Yet leaves idle, the wind awaits

So curiously I follow the fence line
Unsure of the origin of a dance divine
Seeking the cause, with no song
What I found did not belong

Entangled in wires, a wild sense
Snared by a forgotten fence.
Legs trapped and lamed,
No hand should have tamed

A baby roo separated, from
Family and natures strum.
I approach but only fuel,
So a gentle hand to cool

Comfort the lost child as I
Unwind legs, blood run dry.
Freed from a forgotten fence
It falls, the pain too intense

A warm embrace, as if my child
Within arms kicking wild.
Transgress sodden spears of grass,
Sanctuary lies over the creek pass

Shoes drowned and breath crisp,
Death lies latent in the wisp.
A fatal strike only their defense
Hidden near the forgotten fence

Fate warns me of danger afoot
Peering through, dark as soot,
A tigerish snake lie in my stride
With a strike I could have died

My saviour the frigid morn’
Or rewards for a deed borne
A delivery from a forgotten fence
To crown the series of events

The bush silent, gazes upon us
A wide berth I permit, no fuss.
I walk past death, serenely coiled,
Thankful my pants aren’t soiled

Past the serpentine suspense
I leave the forgotten fence.
The creek runs across my path
I slip in, darn kooka’s laugh

Safely on the other side
No grass for tigers to hide
The emus stare at our plight
A road lies now within sight

Farewell the forgotten fence,
I remember from whence.
In safe arms the roo I place
Then off to work I must race.


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Under the Gods

This was from a challenge in an anthology I am writing.  The challenge was to write a poem with the similar comparison of “seen from above” and “when you get down” as used by Louis MacNeice in his poem “Under the Mountain“.  This was my poem, enjoy.

Seen from above
The city lights flicker
With the waning moon

Seen from above
Our lifes spent hidden
To keep them guessing

Seen from above
A still frame surrounds
Those draped in black

But when you get down
The city nervously shifts
Endless with each sun rise

When you get down
Life is always on line
Forever putting on a show

And when you get down
The coffin bears a reflection
Down … where … we be long


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Buried Affection

I just love the deadI previously found this awesome digital artist (Nailstream).  I found them through the cover album work they did for some metal bands I liked.  I downloaded the art thumbnails, and unfortunately I can not find them online anymore (have even tried image searches with little luck).  Nonetheless I thought I would randomly select an image of theirs and write a poem for it.  This is probably one of my least favourite pieces that Nailstream created, however the poetry flowed.  Enjoy!

A seat among wisps of spirits
I embrace the cerulean skies,
Safe in arms with no limits
When all around me dies.

Gaunt hand upon my knee,
I turn to kiss a face
Drawn and sunken, is he.
Cold lips bound with grace

On a lawn of marbled stone
A bench of rapture does sit,
Here I never lie alone,
Shadowed by lost wit.

I crow, I lament and dream
I just love the dead
I calm, I hearten and beam
I just love the dead



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(Australian) Summer Haiku

A bushfire haiku, unfortunately part of an Australian summer for many.

Flames cavorting:
Tender ripples caress
The ashen summer skies

Another unfortunate part of Australian summers, the sea gulls.  With this haiku I tried using alliteration too.

Summer sea spray:
Garish gulls glide
Novices naively nurture

A more enjoyable part of an Australian summer, the beach!

Blistering sun decree:
Now the Doctor* is in
Divine waves tweet

*The Doctor is a cooling afternoon sea breeze which occurs during the summer months in the south west coastal areas of Western Australia.


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Halloween Haiku

I know a little late, but better late than never.  The inspiration just came to me!  Enjoy.


Hallowed moon face:
Autumn leaves fall
Dead memories feast


Bare crooked limbs:
Spirited masks drift
On eerie winds

3. (An acrostic haiku)

Trick me this eve
Or like pumpkins
Treat the soulless


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The Great Wave off Kanagawa Haiku

Well as previously mentioned I am reading some “workshop” based anthologies about poetry.  An interesting challenge posed was to compile a haiku for the picture above (actually is a wood block print), titled “Under the Wave” or “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” (in Japan).  I have given it five attempts (haiku is not my favourite but I am willing to try), hopefully you enjoy them.  Let me know your favourite.


Falling snow from above:
A wave, claws out drawing nigh
Hold tight, the sea rages


Snow falls:
Waves stalk prey
The craft trembles


Sun rises:
Seas top mountains
Rugged day to fish


Winter’s haze:
Fuji pales
To talon sharps
And waves fare well


‘Neath the mist
Fare well in wood:
Hands held at bay


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