Self Harm … R U OK?

13 Sep

Something a little different to my usual posts (in that it isn’t a poem).  Found this article in today’s local newspaper (which coincides with RUOK Day?, an Australian national day to deal with such issues).  What I found interesting is that I find this subject very prevalent in the poetry I read on here and other forums. Many posts are not really poetry (more rants or journal entries) but I am surprised with the volume of such poems I find on blogs and forums.

Have you similarly come across a lot of self-harm poems online (or write them yourselves)?

Personally I still find that suicide and mental depression (stress) are not talked about in society either (both which have very high rates in Australia currently … I believe that youth suicides outnumber road fatalities in Australia yet only one of these are either talked about in society).

From a personal perspective self-harm has never crossed my mind, mainly because I don’t understand the point of it but that isn’t too discount it for others.  I personally believe that stress management is very poorly dealt with at schools (and later in life too in the workforce … hence most parents are aware of how to act with themselves and how to “teach” their children).  I think it is important that perhaps more structured training of students in how to deal with stresses needs to be brought into schools, and from an early age.  You could probably start in in the last year of primary school (year prior to high school) so that students start becoming prepared for the stresses later in their education.  We had a students at my high school who would intentionally harm themselves during exams to get out of them, and at university had a student throw a desk across the room because of the stresses of an exam.

My “savior” when I was depressed was actually writing.  I started writing lyrics and then moved onto poems.  Of course the people in your life also contributed significantly to improving my mental condition and getting me through the period (hence why a lot of my poems reflect “drowning” and being “saved” by my wife/love).

Has poetry/writing helped you with your depression/lows?

Finally I won’t try to understand self-harm (or your particular pain as I am not qualified), all I can say is that if you do self-harm, are contemplating suicide or are just depressed (and can’t see a way out) I suggest you talk with a psychologists (or similar).  Ignore the stigmas attached with them, talk to them and let them know that to start with you want them to assist you in finding better coping mechanisms … see where it goes from there.  It is better to seek help at the early stages rather than leave it too late.

Show me some of your “depression” or “self-harm” poetry! (Check out my depression tag for my poetry posted)

Thanks and keep safe.


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4 responses to “Self Harm … R U OK?

  1. bubblytee

    Thursday 27th September, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Reaching out to others is crucial…and the rest of us need to be alert to those drowning in their grayness…

    • withheldindarkness

      Thursday 27th September, 2012 at 9:21 am

      I found (still find) it very hard to open myself up to those that I love. So hard to but your “burdens” on others … I don’t know if it is because we feel it is our burden to carry or that burdening others with our problems will just make their life harder? I guess that is where I find poetry a great medium to get across my emotions … I can’t always vocalise such emotions. Thanks for commenting.

      • bubblytee

        Thursday 27th September, 2012 at 9:30 am

        How will they know you need them if you dont say? Those who truly love us want to know. I want to be there for those i love and who need me but I wont know unless they share…i hope they do!


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