A Passenger

04 Sep

I wrote this for a members challenge on The Poetry Sanctuary. The challenge was to write one off the top of your head about travelling (this was my entry). Enjoy.

As I lay, content with immobility
I dream of lands far removed
Of times I journeyed, just ‘cause
Feet burned when rested.
Now travels foreign to my rested eyes

The journey I embark fourth upon now
Requires travelling near, close to my heart
As my mind wanders freely
And feet find aches with each move
The dreams remain, ashen blues

Best laid travel plans, interrupted by life
No regrets; travelling a different path.
A journey with family is my treasure map
Discovering buried gems, unforseen
On past travels, lighting the future.

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Posted by on Tuesday 4th September, 2012 in Challenge, Poetry


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One response to “A Passenger

  1. Boykin

    Tuesday 11th September, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I know it’s the first poem of yours I’ve read, but it reminds me so much of my travels and why I love to travel. This is wonderful. Well paced, formed and full of great imagery. Cheers!


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