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Work Limerick

This limerick probably makes no sense to anyone outside our office, so I will give you some background. A man at our work, who will remain nameless, has a pretty ordinary sense of humour (to be it nicely). Anyway he started telling this Irish joke (which actually had nothing to with him being Irish) regarding a florist. Wasn’t funny the first time and after 10 times it still wasn’t funny. The punch line in the joke has the F word, and if anyone uses that word at work we have to do 10 push ups (sort of similar to a swear jar but with push ups). Anyway here is the limerick I came up for him (to keep with his Irish theme). You have to fill in the last word yourself … not that hard (it rhymes with the first two lines).

There was an old man of luck,
Who told a joke with much pluck.
Any chance through the day,
To our unfortunate dismay.
Laughs, then push ups for saying ____.


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Time Sheet Limerick

Another time sheet poem I wrote for last Friday. Decided to try my hand at a limerick this time. Tried to keep it quite close to the standard, but the da-DUM rhythm may not be “great”. Enjoy.

There was a young maiden of grace
Who quietly worked at a great pace,
Hidden from our sight at times,
Cringing quietly at my rhymes.
Send her time sheets; to help me save face.

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