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Work Dispute


I wrote this poem for work. It is based on a joke I found on the internet. It is quite appropriate for my work place as we have two sections, Engineering and Urban Planning. So the joke really suited our work place. Also thought it would be cool to try write some humourous poetry (and considering I can’t tell jokes thought best to use an existing joke). Enjoy!

Three men sat, vibrant muses over a beer
Footy blaring in the background,
Caring not for who was the victor,
A discussion at hand far more profound.

The doctor protested surgery the oldest profession,
For from Adam’s rib, God created Eve.
A strong argument to support his position.
So the engineer rolled up his fallen sleave,

Then spoke up, that God prior to us
Created order from chaos gone astray.
An engineering feat; the greatest truss!
Testament to the oldest profession today.

The last man, a planner, took a drink
Slowly a sly smile creased his face,
Self assured, he replied “And who do you think
Created the chaos in the first place?”


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