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Freya’s Flower

I wrote this poem for my wife. Since having our children she continually puts herself down because she put on some weight (and hasn’t lost it since). However, this doesn’t affect my feelings for her and I wanted to let her know this (because no matter how many times I reassure her she doesn’t believe me). The Freya reference is because she was the Norse goddess of love and procreation, and at the time my wife was reading a book that had Norse mythology within it too.

Each day I see you bemoan,
Willing sacrifices made; scars sown.
The remains weigh heavy on your esteem,
Far from your flawless dream.

I see beyond the surface drawn fine,
With each stretch our family grew, divine.
The matriarch’s beauty flowered strong
Beside your delicate features, do I belong

Love is not blind; in my vision is your spectre,
You are beautiful. As petals frame nectar
Your curves sketch a portrait I adore.
No body else I want but yours


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