Acme Corporation vs. Wile E. Coyote (Libel Case)

08 Aug

I wrote this for a weekly challenge on The Poet Sanctuary. The challenge was to write the defense for a cartoon character, and had to have ‘end rhyme’. Was actually quite fun to write, and something different to my norm. (Found cases with the opposite, i.e. Wile E Coyote suing Acme for damages, after I had written the poem … my mind however is twisted and thought the other way).

In defense of my client I object,
Wile E Coyote’s charge is comical.
A laugh for the courts, illogical!
They’re here for headlines I suspect

For too many years my client suffered
Their inferior product, his only downfall.
Audaciously they claim, “No fault at all,
‘Twas his apathy”. Careful where you tread

His hospital record reads like Santa’s list
Who are they to question Wile E
A loyal customer, despite their folly.
Tornadoes couldn’t predict such a twist

The victim; maliciously accused of lies.
His reputation hurt; worse than
Any damage their products can.
His heart is true as the tears he cries

I beseech you to acquit my client
Acme Corporation has no case for libel
He has pledged; honesty on the bible
No David, but finds himself against a giant

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