Remuneration: Lost in Space

07 Aug

This song was inspired by our obsession with wanting to find out about life on Mars and other such space exploration, yet all the while we neglect our own planet. Sort of seemed a bit silly to me, and just thought it would make better sense to try “fix” our own planet’s problems before wondering about other planets. So made sense to include it on the biota Pty Ltd album (originally I called it Budget but thought this title fitted best later on). Enjoy!

The planet suffers from our disgraces
Because we prefer to flee to space than heal our precious world
Leave behind our planet in a state worse for
The answers to biota’s woes lay not in the stars
Distant gazers miss the obvious at their feet

Like rats deserting a sinking ship
Rash to dispense and give the flip
Been good for so long but we abused
All these deeds can be excused
It’s time to say no more
Earth’s environment needs to be our first amour

Space exploration is wasting away our planet
Already so many can’t stand it
Mars grasps our afflictions today
Got to flee this world prior to the decay
The Earth is choking (x2)
Saviour in space we are evoking

Looking afar to solve the problems at our door
Are humans really such a selfish whore
Where is the responsibility?
Is there no ability?


Spoken word: “$976.3 billion dollars – almost a trillion – spent every year in the US on pets, toys, gambling, alcohol and tobacco. It is 63 times the amount spent on space exploration – with the difference that NASA has not destroyed lives as the alcohol, tobacco and gambling did.”

Does this justify government funding over $15 billion a year on space exploration?
Is this justification?
Or is it trying to shift the attention and not answer the question?
Is this justification?
Or is it trying to shift the attention and not answer the question?

~ CHORUS ~ (x2)

Pity YOU give up so easy! (x5)

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