Job Title: Pleb

02 Aug

I did a rework of this song very recently. I found I wanted to change up some of the wording, I think my recent poetry has helped me to expand my vocabulary and improve my written communication skills (especially in regards to emotive words and phrases). Re-reading it after a while made me think about my poem, Her Tragedy. I managed to incorporate elements of the poem (only a few) into my rework. I think the meaning of this song is quite obvious, and the title self explanatory. Enjoy!

We drive in our cars oblivious to the harm
Mother Earth bears all, this we know true
Our actions wane; in favour of inactions
For Her air
For Her water
For Her land

Why so many willingly turn a blind eye
We know it’s precious, yet we idle at every turn
Polluting everyday is surely not the way
Need to be proactive in an apathetic world
For we can’t live without cars, but can’t live with them
Our lungs burn, so we turn the other way
We turn the other way
What else to do?
What else …

Wait in hope?
Hope for whom?
Hope for what?
Not you? (x3)

Spoken interlude: “Each day our working environment’s problems are exacerbated. The directors care about nothing but their bottom dollar. Your working conditions don’t even taint their deep pockets. Will you stay on your knees as your rights disappear?”

biota has employed us to care for one and all life’s health
But we’re too concerned about our own wealth
Finality is succumbing to Her end, symmetry Her will

Humans are mere plebs on Mother Earth (x3)

There are many great minds
Too often the all mighty dollar binds
So many solutions to Earths’ deteriorations
If only more listened to hearts silenced
In mourning, our shine would glisten

Humans are mere plebs on Mother Earth (x3)
Step out from behind the shadows, and see your resting place.

Spoken: “You are hereby employed as a pleb. The position is full time permanent for life. You commence work for biota Pty Ltd …”


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