Strategy (Waiting)

01 Aug

This song I started to first pen around the turn of the century with my studies just starting to get serious, and I started to really understand climate change, the science and politics of the matter. Similar to Vision ten years later and the actually message of the song hasn’t changed (that is so little action has been taken on the matter that the words are still valid … sad!) This is biota Pty Ltd’s business strategy, if inaction and waiting is a strategy. I guess I am being critical of the world’s nations that adopted this strategy (well lack of) over the last 20 odd years to deal with climate change and many other environmental issues. The words of a lecturer at uni still ring very true for me. He said that the Australian government will never enact change to renewable energy cars until the people demanded it through people power … this is so true for so many environmental issues (apathy is terrible disease for the environment).

Waiting for a change
Waiting for the truth
Waiting for the government to lead
Waiting for the people to revolt
Waiting for the rev-o-lu-tion!

Are you ready?

We’re waiting for a change, a change to enhance the knowledge range
Our environment dies, as people live happily with lies

Waiting for fewer cars, the introduction of solar cars
Waiting for reduced pollution, weening us to other fuels that will never last
Require us to drill our precious Earth, choking our lungs from birth

~ Chorus ~
Waiting for a change, for people to care, how strange
Waiting for the truth, people to care beyond their youth
Waiting for the government to lead, not to make ignore our planet’s need
Waiting for the people to revolt
Waiting for the rev-o-lu-tion

We’re waiting for the people to care, countries to pay their pollution fare
People to realise the climate change motto and stop playing the climate change lotto
Understand the dependency of economy and society on the environmental variety
Reduced lives will be our final chapter our selfishness being our captor
Waiting for people to realise the need for CHANGE!

~ Chorus ~ (x3)

Forging ahead with my waiting; for people to realise to stop waiting

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