31 Jul

The song is about humans short sightedness in regards to the environment. Humans inability to sacrifice short term comforts to afford all humanity long term benefits, our greed and selfishness. The title is the (business) vision of biota Pty Ltd, and ironically (to the title) the main focus of the song is regard to blindness. I started writing this song around 2002, so at that time 2020 (i.e. 20 20 vision) seemed a long way away. Now it is 2012, and unfortunately our short sighteness hasn’t really changed.

I imagine the lyrics and perhaps some of the rhythmn would be altered to fit the music that would accompany the lyrics, but the general gist of the song is captured by these lyrics. This would be a hard rock style song I would imagine.

~ Chorus ~ (x2)
Where’s our vision, our 20 20 vision?
Where’s your vision, your 20 20 vision?
Where’s my vision, my 20 20 vision?

I can see that the world is going blind
Unsighted are our eyes from all the money chased
Our vision is encroached by the power we seek
Short is a future concerned with avarice

From the air I inhale the blindness
The land produces an insatiable appetite for blindness
And the water quenches barren throats with blindness

~ Chorus ~ (x2)

Repeat first verse’s first paragraph

Earth’s vision is profound
Its future is unfathomable
No longer will we humans be plebs
Where we stand only dust will remain
We humans will be fossil fuels

~ Chorus ~ (x2)

Our blindness will cease if we lift the veil
From darkness to light our future can be
You have to be willing to fight
20 20 vision is mine for all to bear witness
No more shall I see shades of Cimmerian

Money is a small part of life
The only absolute with power is you’ll lose it
Paths diverge before you
Clear vision and open eyes are the key
A decision is beckoned of you
Don’t just sit there, time to decide where your loyalties
LIE! (scream and draw out this word)

~ Chorus ~ (x3)

In a world with no vision, blindness will reign supreme
Our blindness is money
Our vision is power
Our lives are exiguous
Our future is short

Finish with some nice heavy outro music.

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