It started over 10 years ago …

29 Jul

I have been writing lyrics for songs for many years, over 10 now. The first lyrics I wrote were in relation to the environment and since that time I have continued to write different lyrics on the subject matter. Although I find it easy to write lyrics, I can’t sing, or play a musical instrument. So these lyrics have never gone any futher than jotting them down on paper.

With all the lyrics I have written I decided to create a “concept album” for my environmental songs (lyrics). The lyrics have been put on hold for a few years now but I thought it best to share them with total strangers 🙂

So here goes. The album focuses on the environment and is structured around the concept that humans (all of us) are merely workers for the Earth. Anyway I’ll start posting the lyrics (with comments) and post them in order that they would occur on the album. The album is tenatively titled biota Pty Ltd.

Mission Statement

This is the introduction track to the album. It isn’t actually a song. It is a spoken word introduction. The idea is that it would be read aloud over a PA system (well that style anyway) … think of the PA sound at the nuclear plant on the Simpsons.

“The mission statement for biota Pty Ltd is to provide a suitable, adequate and evolving planet that all forms of life can coexist, evolve, adapt and survive in harmony and perpetuity. To treat all as equal and to keep the environment in a dynamic balance so that the Earth, will be in a habitable state for future generations.”

Next track, which will be a song, is to follow tomorrow …


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6 responses to “It started over 10 years ago …

  1. bubblytee

    Thursday 27th September, 2012 at 3:38 am

    I applaud this mission statement. it is well conceived~

    • withheldindarkness

      Thursday 27th September, 2012 at 9:13 am

      Tried to keep it quite simple and to the point. We can but dream …


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