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The song is about humans short sightedness in regards to the environment. Humans inability to sacrifice short term comforts to afford all humanity long term benefits, our greed and selfishness. The title is the (business) vision of biota Pty Ltd, and ironically (to the title) the main focus of the song is regard to blindness. I started writing this song around 2002, so at that time 2020 (i.e. 20 20 vision) seemed a long way away. Now it is 2012, and unfortunately our short sighteness hasn’t really changed.

I imagine the lyrics and perhaps some of the rhythmn would be altered to fit the music that would accompany the lyrics, but the general gist of the song is captured by these lyrics. This would be a hard rock style song I would imagine.

~ Chorus ~ (x2)
Where’s our vision, our 20 20 vision?
Where’s your vision, your 20 20 vision?
Where’s my vision, my 20 20 vision?

I can see that the world is going blind
Unsighted are our eyes from all the money chased
Our vision is encroached by the power we seek
Short is a future concerned with avarice

From the air I inhale the blindness
The land produces an insatiable appetite for blindness
And the water quenches barren throats with blindness

~ Chorus ~ (x2)

Repeat first verse’s first paragraph

Earth’s vision is profound
Its future is unfathomable
No longer will we humans be plebs
Where we stand only dust will remain
We humans will be fossil fuels

~ Chorus ~ (x2)

Our blindness will cease if we lift the veil
From darkness to light our future can be
You have to be willing to fight
20 20 vision is mine for all to bear witness
No more shall I see shades of Cimmerian

Money is a small part of life
The only absolute with power is you’ll lose it
Paths diverge before you
Clear vision and open eyes are the key
A decision is beckoned of you
Don’t just sit there, time to decide where your loyalties
LIE! (scream and draw out this word)

~ Chorus ~ (x3)

In a world with no vision, blindness will reign supreme
Our blindness is money
Our vision is power
Our lives are exiguous
Our future is short

Finish with some nice heavy outro music.

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It started over 10 years ago …

I have been writing lyrics for songs for many years, over 10 now. The first lyrics I wrote were in relation to the environment and since that time I have continued to write different lyrics on the subject matter. Although I find it easy to write lyrics, I can’t sing, or play a musical instrument. So these lyrics have never gone any futher than jotting them down on paper.

With all the lyrics I have written I decided to create a “concept album” for my environmental songs (lyrics). The lyrics have been put on hold for a few years now but I thought it best to share them with total strangers 🙂

So here goes. The album focuses on the environment and is structured around the concept that humans (all of us) are merely workers for the Earth. Anyway I’ll start posting the lyrics (with comments) and post them in order that they would occur on the album. The album is tenatively titled biota Pty Ltd.

Mission Statement

This is the introduction track to the album. It isn’t actually a song. It is a spoken word introduction. The idea is that it would be read aloud over a PA system (well that style anyway) … think of the PA sound at the nuclear plant on the Simpsons.

“The mission statement for biota Pty Ltd is to provide a suitable, adequate and evolving planet that all forms of life can coexist, evolve, adapt and survive in harmony and perpetuity. To treat all as equal and to keep the environment in a dynamic balance so that the Earth, will be in a habitable state for future generations.”

Next track, which will be a song, is to follow tomorrow …


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This poem was writing for a challenge on The Poet Sanctuary where I had to write an acrostic poem (with a twist). An acrostic poem is where the first letter of each line spells out the title of the poem (however in the challenge the last letter of each line had to spell out the title of the poem). Furthermore the poem title had to include one these words: reflect, mirror, window or glass (or a slight variation from that). So here is my poem (I have aligned it to the right hand side so that you can see the acrostic title.

Before me stares a mirror,
A disinterested reflection of me.
Doubt’s tendrils creep on my self belief.

The years passed, arguments prevail.
Love only dulled the mirror’s edge
With each fight subtly caustic.

Tears occupy every sleepless night,
And dreams descend to a pitiful alibi.
The mirror’s gleam fails you too.

I fear the mirror bears not her reflection.
Before me alone the mirror stares.

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A Lullaby

My daughter (almost 4) sometimes “fights” going to bed, and when her older sister isn’t at home (they share a bunk) she tends to “sneak” into our bed during the middle of the night. So I thought it might be nice if I came up with a lullaby for her, and my other children. To help them get to sleep, and hopefully see them see the night through.

I will try it out tonight and see how it goes … and will try it on my older daughter (8 years old) tomorrow night when she arrives too. I’ll keep you posted on the reviews of my most critical commentators!

Quiet, quiet, listen do you hear the melody?
Hush, hush, dreams wash in like the sea
Dancing through the air, tired from the day
Close your eyes, it’s where they play

Quiet, quiet, sleep washes over you
Hush, hush, as dreams come into view
Carry you away to a land divine
Where all your dreams will shine

Quiet, quiet, time to sleep so sound
Hush, hush, for our love is profound
Sweet dreams to keep you safe in bed
Goodnight, till tomorrow. What lies ahead …

Hush, hush, hush my loves hush, hush, hush


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A Lapse in Poems .. Mental Overload

Of late the writing of poems and lyrics has taken a back seat. Instead my focus has shifted to trying to write a novel (well we’ll see if it gets that far). The poem Torpor was the opening chapter’s blurb (and perhaps could even be used for the novel itself). I have almost completed my first chapter and will publish it on here soon for you all to read. I have written more than the first chapter.

However, I tend to find that my mind wanders all over the place and I find it hard to think chronologically. That is, I will be writing about a particular scene in the novel and then this will inspire to go off and write another scene somewhere else in the novel. Or similarly writing a scene further on changes my mind about how I want the preceding scene (or scenes). Therefore I am always rewriting and adjusting my story … quite frustrating really.

I have tried the whole mind map and other planning techniques for a novel however I just find that my mind easily wanders and new ideas always come up. For example last night my wife was talking about her book she was reading, in it a tree roots fed on a vampire buried under it. I really enjoyed the idea of a tree rooted in the crimson soils of a battlefield. I now am trying to find a way to include something into my book. I am thinking of “ghost trees” (that is trees with ghostly white boles, see photo) appear on old battlefields. The people believe that these ghost trees grow here because of the blood shed and present in the soils. This gives Death (or their equivalent) an opportunity to sow the seeds for the ghost trees.

It seems that always these new ideas are coming to me, and the more I research subject matters the more I want to include aspects into my novel. Case in hand was that last night I was researching Viking beliefs in regards to Gods and Goddesses, as in my fantasy novel one of the kingdoms is based on the Viking culture. After reading some short books (primarily designed for juniors to read) ideas just flooded my mind. I ended up writing a whole history of my fictional culture’s Gods, their creation, and whole back stories (their progeny) and more for numerous gods and goddesses. None of which is relevant to the start of my novel, as the novel starts with a different character with a completely different culture … does it stop my mind from going off a tangent though. NO!

Now I am just rambling. I will keep you posted on my mental situation (hopefully through the mist, the sun will greet my rays of inspiration). I am hopeful of getting out some more poems (at least for the novel chapters) done soon too. I wrote one yesterday for my wife, but will let her enjoy it for a while before I share with all.

So bear with me for the journey hopefully it will be worth it … and remember dare to begin!

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O’ Timesheet

One member at our work decided to organise a Christmas in July last week (on Friday). So in honour of that I decided to dedicate last weeks time sheet poem to a carol parody instead. This is a parody of “Jingle Bells” … so best reading (singing) it in tune with Jingle Bells. Enjoy!

Pushing through the week
On a fit ball in tow.
O’er the curses our physique;
Others laughing at the show.

Beer bottles will be a ring-in’
Oh! What fun it is to be drink-in’

Timesheets call, timesheets call
Their call to be heard today.
Oh! What fun they are;
In before opening the bar.

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I am in the process of writing a novel, well giving a try anyway. I have decided to include a poem at the start of each chapter for the novel. The poem sort of acts as a “blurb” for each chapter. Well this is the poem for the first chapter. The actual chapter isn’t complete although I have got the basic plot etc. organised I just need to write it better and include other aspects. I will let you have a read when I have a better copy ready. In the meantime enjoy this poem, and more to follow in the series.


Wolves unleashed by the darkened skies;
As raindrops, they descend fluidly upon the camp.
Fires long extinguished hide their hungry eyes
And sheep fall forever, lost under the sleeping lamp.

Lambs seek shelter from the ravenous storm
Yet a lonely lion cub, raised by the flock
With uncertainties from sacrificing others wasn’t warm.
He wanted to fight, and not hide under a rock.

Surrounded by sheep, will the cub bleat or,
In time discover the truth and find his roar.


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