18 Jun

Last week’s timesheet poem (I am up-to-date with my postings on here now, so will endeavour to post them every Friday or Monday). This week I decided to do something different. The poem is a puzzle too, that is I have intentionally inserted 31 band/musical artist names within the poem. I may have sacrificed the “flow” of the poem a little to fit some names in. Some are obvious whilst others a little more cryptic. Enjoy and feel free to post your list of band names you find!

As we rush in one direction out the doors
Our ferric lady reminds you too of your chores;
The exodus held. As I lay dying, mouth dry,
I clutch this sheet as shadows fall from the sky.

The shadows turn a deep purple with the setting sun,
Counting minutes like rolling stones run;
Our crowded house is sick of it all this week.
But, wake those simple minds before we sneak.

The cure found with any tool to end this day;
The rainbow clouds their moody blue grey,
Yet horizons being me closer to the nirvana intended
And an ale is the cream for the weekly blur ended.

So in this theatre of dreams, just say yes,
For our Queen slips not for your laziness.
To avoid a clash, send her your weekly testament
Before the oasis of Friday’s endearment.

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Posted by on Monday 18th June, 2012 in Poetry


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