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The Friday Sonnet

Well for this week’s time sheet reminder I decided to try a sonnet (although I ignored the iambic pattern … as I just can’t write in that manner yet). No worries, enjoy.

Thou art elaborate as a bee hive,
Each busy deciphering their reason.
Burdened, they but only thrive
Not concerned by the winter season.

The women buzz at fifty shades of grey,
Whilst the directors fly in deep dales.
A union forged, overcoming any fray
And at the end they’ll down earned ales.

But the Shag errs from his course,
The honey weighs heavy on his mind.
Other stray not from their work force;
Enduring the journey together, entwined.

The life of thou reflects a working social bee.
So satisfy our Queen, do this with glee.

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Last week’s timesheet poem (I am up-to-date with my postings on here now, so will endeavour to post them every Friday or Monday). This week I decided to do something different. The poem is a puzzle too, that is I have intentionally inserted 31 band/musical artist names within the poem. I may have sacrificed the “flow” of the poem a little to fit some names in. Some are obvious whilst others a little more cryptic. Enjoy and feel free to post your list of band names you find!

As we rush in one direction out the doors
Our ferric lady reminds you too of your chores;
The exodus held. As I lay dying, mouth dry,
I clutch this sheet as shadows fall from the sky.

The shadows turn a deep purple with the setting sun,
Counting minutes like rolling stones run;
Our crowded house is sick of it all this week.
But, wake those simple minds before we sneak.

The cure found with any tool to end this day;
The rainbow clouds their moody blue grey,
Yet horizons being me closer to the nirvana intended
And an ale is the cream for the weekly blur ended.

So in this theatre of dreams, just say yes,
For our Queen slips not for your laziness.
To avoid a clash, send her your weekly testament
Before the oasis of Friday’s endearment.

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Morning Tea

My third timesheet submission (and also was our billing month so had to include a comment at the end about them being needed for billing next week). At our work it is customary that a new employees brings in morning tea (or afternoon tea). Our latest employee hadn’t … ironically he did the week after this poem, perhaps he got the message? Also some “swearing” at the end, was going to keep it out but thought it a comical contrast to the rest of the poem. Enjoy!

With the arrival of our hydrologist at hand,
Thought best to remind those who commence
Us simple folk desire one thing planned.
Morning tea is but a little task to dispense.

The failure of our latest still burning ears.
Best he satisfy our qualms for a debt unpaid,
For we always collect from those in arrears.
A simple deed to keep tensions bayed.

If inspiration eludes you, simply ask
We will not be strangers with food.
Now fulfil this deed and achieve this task,
For not all our maidens are eternally good.

Oh I almost forgot, you must be vigilant
For it is time to collect our keeper’s fees.
Or come Tuesday our reticent Numbers will rant;
“Fill in your f@#%ing time sheets, please!”

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My second week’s timesheet poem. We had an employee leave, and others head off on an adventure, and another “farewell” a sticky situation. Probably a bit hard for others to appreciate these, as they have some “in” jokes but thought I’d share anyway. They are going down well at work 🙂

The weekend beckons a lamented departure,
Sadly we will farewell our golden archer.
Yet fear not, for a better shot is not found
She will find the mark; both feet on solid ground

The three bicycleteers also left this week
Not to conquer a Giro but the Gibb’s creek.
Fond farewells, and good fortunes bestowed
Their success raised before even on the road

Lastly we can not forget dozer Phil
In mud stuck like cement; against his will.
His mind thought not of his time sheet
But best you all do, to keep our maiden sweet!

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This poem was written for work. Our administration staff use to write short little dittys about doing your timesheets for the week. I thought I could “culture” them a little with some better poems. The hardest thing I find is trying to put some humour into them (find writing humour very difficult) and having a reference to do their timesheet. This was my first week’s attempt. Will post other ones soon.

Our seraphic maiden with black hair;
Resides over the entrance to our lair.
When cometh time for ales to down
First ensure you bow to her crown.

Her story is common to your ears;
An essential duty before Friday beers,
Yet some of you will mock her tell.
One poor chap tried, but foolishly fell

So the moral is simple to her tale
Heed the siren’s words, do not fail;
Fill in this form is all she’ll say.
To keep the peace, best you obey!

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