Faeghul Warning

04 May

A faerie nursery rhyme from Ersnon.

Do not follow Faeghala, mind these lines
Shadows loom, fixated on your scent
Sharpened teeth, grinding with intent
With chiselled jaws forged by Ghudiern, no less
Agape like the caves that they bless
Skin tones ashen with beastly yellow eyes

Heed my words, to remain faerie wise
Do not get lost, for if you stray afield
Pray thee a mighty sword you wield.
For in death you will not rest,
The Faeghul will find you with zest.
To avoid their pots stay close to Home

Curiously one day you may roam
Their darken caves hold much wonder
But stay clear, murky daemons lie under
Your scent will drive them wild
Be sure to return Home child
Outside these hallow lands, rest no faerie bones

Fingers hard as granite stones,
Claw like owl talons born of Ghudiern
No magike will let your spirit return
Faerie tears hold no secrets, no homey Oak
Do not go wandering, for you’ll provoke
Faeghuls to rise from their lurid cave.

Mae was a young faerie who thought it brave,
To test the merit of this song’s signs.
If you are quiet, you can still hear that Ghudiern dines!

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Posted by on Friday 4th May, 2012 in Poetry


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