No Man’s Land

26 Apr

Parts of the song inspired by the writings of Wilfred Owen.

You were told:
“When the war is over
There will peace
And the peace will last forever”

To war you went
Leaving behind a family that wept
For your country, honour and duty bound
In war only peace was to be found

~ Chorus ~
The foulest disease
With the breath of cancer greeted you
A hideous landscape
Unnatural, broken, devastated, vile noises
The distortion of the dead unburied
All day
All night
The most execrable sight
No land for man
No man’s land

In war you soon learnt death
Generals waged war at arm’s length
In the front lines you watched the dying
Peace forever, they dare not be lying

~ Chorus ~

Your war was then over
No more wars will you duck for cover
You found your peace
The peace that will last forever

~ Chorus ~

Your bones buried far from any loved one
On their lying words you were spun
But in the end their lies were clever
After all you found peace that will last forever

~ Chorus ~ x2

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