Hell’s Angels

26 Apr

Song lyrics used for inspiration are from ‘Angels of Mercy’(D.C. Cornwallis), and ‘Heaven Sent a Lovely Angel’ (unknown). This is about the nurses who served their country and men during wars.

In the tumultuous years spent in Hell,
The brave heroines deeds of years gone by are known so well.
Arduous toil of sympathy and love our women never falter or at their country’s call decline
Dressed in white with grace, charm and beauty sublime

~ Chorus ~
When the Red Cross was heavy and hard to bear
These noble Angels tend to all with loving care
Even when she’s tired and weary and the nights seem long and drawn
She continues with love and never a murmur, bravely toiling until the dawn
She is truly an Angel in Hell (She is truly Hell’s Angel)

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world they used to say
If but that gentle hand could rule this wretched world today
While man is forced to fight his foes with every fiendish stunt
Our Angels bravely tend to those returning dying from the front.

~ Chorus ~

Angels of Mercy in far away distant countries, far across the desert bare
Heaven sent a lovely Angel to Hell, bound to love and care
Through her trials she’s always smiling, happy in her work of love
Tending all with true devotion, guided from above?

~ Chorus ~

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