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Man Overboard

By Peter Jones © 2012

I have been lost at sea for years
Grasped in despair to a shred of dignity
The storm was on the precipice of conquest
‘Til a light came out from nowhere.

I was not searching for her
She shone bright and threw me hope
I started to believe in myself again
Not easy pulling oneself back.

The tumultuous waters roared in defiance
Her light still shines for me
Seeing the light, I can start to believe
I am rediscovering me, myself and I.

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Her Tragedy

By Peter Jones © 2012

i.           Seduction

Alone unburdened in the sands
Shifting endlessly, teasingly between toes.

Gazing across Her bruised ocean’s wake,
Roaring at Her victims in the distance.

Sun, falling under Her drowning cries,
Quelling the shard remains of wronged glares.

Moon, growing to full bloom,
Bathing the waters in spectral awe.

In solitude Her power seduces.
Lost enchantments resonate from Her core.

Pulling under relinquished desires
Of the heart, warming Her.

ii.         Sacrifice

In mourning, fresh promises
Delivered in recurring waves.

Retreating tides concede, a breath
Withdrawn in selfish haste

Lustful is Her trembling
In defiance, deaf to Her silent alarms

Precious life rescinding to dirt, ubiquitous Her gaze.
Behold what lies in plain sight, Her pure form

Graceful is Her demeanour in adversary,
Fallen are the granite fortresses of old.

Her love is sacrificed for brightly jewels
Malevolent deeds sown, harming Her.

iii.        Symmetry

Trees weeping, rooted in affliction
Dancing leaves betray the wind’s wrath.

Quivering lands underlie feet planted deep
Vented thoughts. Her advice is disdain to mortal ears

Alone burdened, muddied and fallen
Disappearing to caverns buried, worms clawing the knees.

In desperation, bowed at Her temple
Burning sacrifices extinguished with piercing crimson eyes.

Rising mercury muffles merciful requests
Mist drains the desperate cries for absolution.

Distinguished lives of the heart, loving Her.
Her will is told, symmetry!

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Daring to begin

I turned the last leaf over and I was willingly greeted by the crisp virgin white page staring up at me. However in contrast lying beside, blankly gazing out was the back cover of my latest notebook. Staggered mountains of loose paper vulnerably wait for my scribbles to be removed from their precarious perch. The whole task looms large over me; ironically the writing was what originally freed me from the claws of an overburdened mind. Through it all my voice has remained silent, my opinions self censored and the world deaf to my ideas. Facing the prospect of clouded frustrations and silence I have decided to share myself with you.

I will share poetry, lyrics and other creative writing pieces with you. I welcome any comments on my writing, but please keep criticism constructive.

Please remember all my work is Copyrighted by Peter Jones, 2012. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without my express and written permission are strictly prohibited. If you wish to use excerpts or links ensure you provide full and clear credits to Peter Jones and, with appropriate and specific directions to the original content.

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